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Way too many of us have had to deal with the nightmare of pimples and zits. In fact, 85% of people experience acne at some point in their lives. While face scrubs and medicines can help prevent acne, a few nasties can still break out. Here’s how to use makeup to conceal three common types of pimples so your big day or night out isn’t ruined by a pesky blemish.

  1. Whiteheads
    Whiteheads are probably the easiest blemishes to cover with makeup. First, wash and dry your face to prevent any more bacterial buildup under your makeup. Next, prep your whole face with a layer of your usual liquid foundation. Then, Allure recommends finding a thick, putty-like concealer. Using a brush, target the pimple and the surrounding red area, avoiding spreading the concealer to the rest of the clear skin. Pat the top of the mound gently with your finger to prevent it looking too raised. Finally, dust with powder foundation to set the concealer. Avoid using translucent powder, which can look shiny on a bump. If a raised whitehead can’t be concealed, consider having a little fun with it and using eyeliner to turn the zit into a mole!
  2. Blackheads
    For blackheads, Insider recommends switching up your routine by applying concealer before foundation. Concealer will do more work to even the skin’s texture, and can be layered to cover dark blemishes. Start by cleaning and drying the area. Rub in oil-free moisturizer. Then, layer concealer and blend. Apply foundation and power to finish the look. If you have extra time and would rather just try to remove blackheads, try deep cleansing pore strips or a peel-away mask.
  3. Cystic Acne
    Cystic acne forms a headless, swollen, painful red bump deep under the skin. Concealer alone is sometimes not enough to cover the deep red color of cystic acne. Try using a green color corrector to even out the skin tone and counteract redness. First, clean the area, then dab on green color corrector. Allow the corrector to dry or rest, and then cover with foundation. Don’t forget the foundation, otherwise you’ll be left with a weird greenish patch on your face!

Acne is a condition best treated with good hygiene, good diet, and good medicines. However, if you’re in a pinch and just need to cover up a blemish, smart makeup application can help. Follow these tips to make any pimple disappear.

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2 Responses to How to Conceal 3 Common Types of Pimples

  1. ANN*H says:

    thanks for the good ideas on how to cover up blemishes. I never know how to do it so I can conceal them. Going to definitely try these tips.

  2. Tamra Phelps says:

    Oh, boy, I remember this from when I was a teen. And I still get an occasional zit at 53. A tip I learned decades ago, that does help a little, is to put a dab of something mentholated like Vick’s Vapor Rub on the zit, then get a wet, hot washrag and hold it over the zit for about 10 minutes. It seems to dry it out.

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