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Americans seem to be busier and more stressed than ever. Trying to juggle a full-time job, family responsibilities, a bonkers news cycle, and a social life is hard work. Those duties alone take up so much time that our physical and mental health may fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, neglecting our personal well-being may have a drastic impact on our job, our relationships, and our happiness in general.



Yes, reducing your stress requires long-term, ongoing strategies, but sometimes a day of pampering can do wonders for our outlook. Enter: the spa day.

For some of us, taking time off from work in favor of booking a massage, a facial, or an entire day of relaxation can do just the trick. But of course, it comes with a cost. A single spa session may cost a hundred dollars or more, depending on where you go. And if you’re already stressed about your finances, that simply may not be feasible — even if making an investment in yourself would theoretically be the best possible decision you could make. The good news? You may be about to ditch the spa and de-stress right at home.

Set the Scene

Bathroom remodels account for 78% of home renovations, but you may not need to gut your ensuite just to get some much-deserved R and R. Clearing out the clutter and adding some subtle touches can instantly transform your space — and how you feel about it.



Make sure the countertops in your bathroom are clean and devoid of too much stuff. Swap out extraneous care items and knick-knacks for moisturizing lotions, candles, and a plant or two. Roll up any towels you plan to use, rather than folding them. Dim the lights a bit, turn up the thermostat a smidge, and play some relaxing music at a low volume. If you’re into essential oils, now’s a good time to turn on the diffuser, as well. Grab a soft and cozy bathrobe to wear, a bunch of fluffy towels, and a hydrating beverage (a cup of herbal tea or a tumbler of fruit-infused water is best).


If you really wanted to go all-out, you could invest in a soaker tub or jacuzzi tub. Not only will it make your bathroom look luxurious, but you’ll be able to enjoy the jets for a long time to come. The regenerative blowers used in spa tubs can operate for up to 40,000 hours without needing to be serviced, and the tactile switches used to control those jets can be pressed over 1 million times without showing signs of wear. Still, you can probably achieve comparatively soothing results by sticking with what you’ve got. Switch out the shower head for something a bit more pleasant and get yourself some shower tabs (which are like essential oil bath bombs without the bath) for a truly calming experience.


Gather the Goods

Now that your bathroom is set for relaxation, you’ll need to gather all your supplies for your spa treatments. For this step, you can opt to go on a little shopping trip or supplement what you’ve already got with some homemade beauty products. Bath oils, salts, and elixirs are nice if you plan on taking a long soak, while sugar or salt scrubs are a good idea no matter how you decide to cleanse. If you want to stay out of the tub altogether, you can get some foot pampering supplies (like a bowl, a foot file, and some gentle body wash. Coconut oil, honey, and oatmeal make for a great DIY scrub, too. Grab a cuticle pusher, nail trimmer, exfoliating product, hair and/or face mask, dry brush, and those cucumber slices to complete your spa kit.


Treat Yourself

Once you have everything you need, you can decide which DIY treatments you really want to try and go to town. Whether you’ve got only a couple of hours to spare or you’ve taken the entire day off for the sake of self-care, making a little oasis in your own home will surely pay off in both the present and in the future. Plus, if you master making your own face masks, body scrub, or bath bombs, you’ll be able to DIY your Christmas and birthday presents for all the stressed people in your life. But for now, make this time all about you. You’ve earned it.


When was the last time you treated yourself and created an at home oasis in your bathroom?

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6 Responses to DIY Spa Day: How to De-Stress With Your Own Bathroom Oasis

  1. Angela Smith says:

    i definitely want to pick up a few scented candles as well as a bath tray to be able to hold a book and a cup of tea! thanks for the suggestions

  2. ANN*H says:

    Its been quite awhile for me to be able to soak in a good bath for years due to my knees. But I do enjoy a good smelling scrub and scented candle to relax and feel good in the shower.

  3. Toni Sprouse says:

    I really enjoyed these practical, affordable tips!!

  4. Cheryl Grandy says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve spent some “spa time” at home. I guess I should block out some time to do it soon. thanks for the ideas and the reminder to take care of myself.

  5. Calvin says:

    A little self care goes a long way.

  6. Starla says:

    So many great tips and a really great reminder. Self care and love must come first for us.. and that’s easy to say so often, yet forget!

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