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Adding a pet to your family can be a great experience for everyone involved. Pets can teach children about responsibility and how to take care of something. It enables them to think about something else and be accountable. But not only that, it can add a real dynamic to your family life. If you are thinking of getting a pet, I thought it would be a good idea to explore some of the pet’s you could consider.


^When Bitly was a baby ^


A hamster is quite a low maintenance pet for a family. They have small cages, although there are some bigger ones if you do have space. They require feeding, and water and that’s it. They tend to have a hamster wheel in their cage which they will run on. You can also buy one of those balls that they go in and let them roam around your room. They are very cute and sweet. But they are nocturnal, which means they tend to sleep more in the day and are awake at night. This can be quite disturbing to the family.



A dog is a great pet to have, although they do need a little more attention than some other pet choices. Deciding on which dog you want is a big decision to make, so you could look at testing to decipher what breed of dog you have. There is a link online that has more information. A dog requires regular exercise each day, so you need to be in a position to take them out for a walk. Some dogs will be happy with once a day, but most advisors would recommend going out in the morning and the evening.


^ Proof that Bitly and Pressley can share the same space… when they want too ^



Rabbits are bigger than hamsters and tend to reside in a hutch; these can be outside or under a sheltered area. They can even be inside if you want them to be. A rabbit’s hutch will regularly need cleaning, and also they will need feeding. It could be a great first pet to introduce this kind of responsibility to younger children. They can be handled can be put into a rabbit run in the garden for some exercise outside of their hutch.



A cat won’t necessarily be the loyalist of pets, but they can be great companions. A cat is quite a low maintenance pet, to be honest. They need feeding and taken care of, but once they get out of being a kitten, they can wander outside during the day. This is where they will get their exercise. Some people do keep cats inside, and if you have a cat from a kitten, you could decide how you would want to pursue that.


^ A previous foster kitten “Hoots”. He was an absolute charmer! ^


It’s a tough decision to decide which pet would be right for you. But sometimes you just need to take certain factors into consideration. Do you have space for the pet you have in mind? Does your work schedule or family life suit having a pet at home? A dog wouldn’t be able to be left all day whereas a hamster can be. It’s best to make the decision as a family. As the plan would be to have everyone involved with the care so it doesn’t just fall to being mum’s responsibility.


I hope this gives you a bit more idea.


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One Response to Ideal First Time Pets For The Whole Family

  1. ANN*H says:

    We have both cats and dogs. Now the all the kids are grown my son has had a dog who protected him and would not let any female except me any where near my son.. And our cat recently died . So we are pet less right now . But it is good for kids to learn responsibility if the want a animal so mom don’t have to do it all

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