I love making handmade gifts for my friends and family, but when it comes to making gifts for men, its almost impossible to know what they would like. Thank goodness for the internet! While I was scouring pinterest and my favorite blogs for inspiration for the perfect DIY gift for my hubby, I collected a whole bunch of ideas to share with you! In fact I found 52 Awesome DIY gifts for Men!!

52 DIY & Handmade Gifts for Men - BusyBeingJennifer.com

Interchangeable Star Wars Lego Clock

Timing Belt Belt

Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser

Mad Scientist Light

Firewood Tote

Snazzy Golf Club Head Covers

DIY Comic Book Coasters 

Laptop Sleeve

Monogrammed Cuff Links

Paracord Woven Bracelet Watch Band

Hardware Store Bracelet

BBQ Hanging Towls

Baseball Applique Pillow

Tie Key Chain

DIY Bowl ‘O Army Men

Bicycle Brake Clock

DIY Bay Rum Aftershave 

Surplus Ammo Can Speaker Box

Vinyl Record Bowl

Paperback Wallet

DIY Chalkboard Mug

Manly Grilling Towel

Photo Cufflinks

DIY Manly Soap

Licence Plate Key Hanger

DIY Wooden Ring

Mini Mint Tool Boxes

Tread Belt

Vintage Book Travel Tech Organizer

Mini BBQ Grill

Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream

Netbook Book Cover

Bike Chain Bracelet 

DIY Beer Coasters

Conditioning Beard Oil 

DIY Slim Leather Wallet

Chalkboard Jar for those Loose Screws

Bacon Recipes

DIY Leather Cup Jacket

Wrench Bottle Opener

Ipad Cover from Composition Notebook 

Roll Up Tool Organizer

Funky Toy Planter

Personalized Beer Glasses

Nook Cover

Beef Jerky

Lucky Penny Key Chain

DIY Animal Memo Holder

Catch of the Day Pencil Holder

The Guys Survival Kit

Rubiks Cube Ottoman

DIY Elastic Grid Organizer

If these 29 Handmade and DIY Gifts for Men don’t give you enough ideas, you can check out this 29 DIY Gifts for Men post or this Gifts for Guys post or this Manly DIY Things post!! Thats 100+ awesome manly gift ideas that you can make!! 😀


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29 Responses to 52 DIY Gifts for Men!

  1. Love the hardware store bracelet idea. My husband would definitely want that one.

  2. pmoppins says:

    I kinda love the Lego clock. That is so cool.

  3. sweetsavant says:

    This post is right on time I need some good gift ideas for my husband. I like that Lego clock too. I'd make that for my kids playroom. The slim leather wallet is another project that would try.

  4. Jenn says:

    What a bunch of great ideas! I especially love the coasters!

  5. Ashley says:

    The Lego Clock is neat but I think my husband would like Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser.

  6. Liz says:

    I did buy my son some beef jerky! 🙂 That Star Wars clock is pretty cool too!

  7. sippycupmom says:

    Ah, I LOVE this! I have been thinking of something my son can make his speech therapist, now we have so many choices!

  8. brett says:

    holy moly what a list! i've actually done the record album bowls before, they are pretty cool 🙂 you could make that and fill it as a gift basket

  9. lookslikemom says:

    Thanks for compiling such a great list! I love the chalkboard mug idea a lot mainly because my husband is always using my mug.

  10. robbabiak says:

    I love Jack Daniels so the Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser would be a great gift for me. Thanks for sharing this list.

  11. Henrietta says:

    I love giving homemade gifts to family and friends! Therea er so many great gift ideas here for guys, I especially like the DIY Rum Aftershave and rosemary mint shaving cream!

  12. That firewood tote would be great for my Dad! He has to carry it up all winter from the basement. He could make less trips with that, I'm sure.

  13. katherine says:

    This is such a great gift idea for the holidays! Thanks for the idea!

  14. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? says:

    I'm really digging that firewood tote. We currently just have ours stacked up in the garage in a very ugly pile.

  15. Love the little Altoid tool boxes!!! Very cute! Could def put some washers and nails in those!

  16. Chrishelle says:

    Great list. Sign my hubby up for the personalized beer glass and beef jerky. What a cool idea.

  17. Autumn says:

    Great ideas! I'll admit to being a bit stumped as to what to get my husband for the holidays. This list will certainly help!

  18. What a great list of DIY ideas! I never know what to get my dad or husband and now at least I know the direction I wan to go.

  19. It is always nice to be able to make a gift for friends and family to add the personal touch.

  20. simplystrikingblog says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my elastic grid organizer! What a great post to consolidate all these ideas! Happy holidays! -Gen

  21. Tracie Trump says:

    Lots of great ideas! I love the Jack Daniels soap dispenser!

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  23. coachdaddyblogger says:

    the LEGO Star Wars clock is the top of my list. My challenge would be to keep the figures on the clock and not play with them. I'd put them back on – when the time is right.

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  26. Steven C. says:

    DIY gifts are the best. I’d love to get any of these over some fancy expensive thing from the store.

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