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Have you ever been in a collision and you weren’t sure what you should do? Collisions happen each and every day, but what happens after is what really counts. Also, what you do will depend on whether or not this was a big accident or a small accident. Read on to find out what to do if you’re in a collision.


Stay Calm

If someone hits you or you bump into someone else, don’t panic. Try to stay calm as you gather your thoughts and decide what to do. Your calmness will really dictate how things are going to go for you! If the person in the other car is calm, you can proceed to get out of the vehicle and talk to them. If they aren’t calm, then you should wait for the police to get there.


Call the police

Depending on the laws in your state, most accidents require a police report to be filed. What this means is that the officer will come take a report and listen to both sides. He’ll then continue to write the police report and file it.


Report the claim to your insurance

Depending on who’s fault it is, this is when insurance is filed. You will contact your insurance company rather way. Because of the other person’s insurance doesn’t work or they don’t have any, you’ll need to file with your insurance to get the damage fixed.




Contact a body shop you trust

When something happens to your vehicle, you are typically able to pick which body shop you want to work with. With this in mind, you will want to pick a body shop that has a good reputation and that you trust. The body shop will need to do a good job in order to get your vehicle in tip top shape again.

* Check reviews of the body shop

* Get references for the body shop

* Ask around to see who has used the body shop that you are considering using.

Take your car in

After you have picked out a shop to take your car to, you will want to take your car in. When you take your car in, you will also want to work out transportation. Will your insurance pay for your rental car? This is something you’ll want to ask when you file your claim.


Now you wait

It will take a bit for your car to get fixed. Try to have patience as it takes time to put a car together right, which is why you want to pick a body shop and collision center that you trust.


Have you ever been in a collision with another car/person? How did you handle it? We’d love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments.

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