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Are you dealing with a pain? This could be chronic, and if so, it will be having a huge impact on your life. Pain can stop us doing the things we want and enjoying life to the full extent. It can trap us in a cycle of anguish and torment, keeping us trapped inside and away from the things we love or enjoy. It can impact our personal and professional life as we will be unable to work and our change in mood will be felt by those around us. It’s worth then understanding the causes of pain to see if you can come to terms with it, conquer it or even cure it.

All In Your Head


Recurring pain can have a variety of causes, but one possibility that you haven’t thought of is stress. Yes, pain can be psychological and if you don’t believe that, consider the case of phantom pain. Phantom pain is caused by a psychological reaction and can be cured by tricking the mind with mirror imagery.

It’s quite common for emotional pain to manifest itself as a physical presence somewhere in the body. This could be back pain, leg pain or even headaches. Deal with your stress or anxiety, and you might find that the pain goes away. If you are getting worked up or emotional blood can rush to the brain and this can trigger a nasty migraine. This is why people often take light painkillers after an intense argument.


A Lack Of Support


This time we’re talking in a literal sense. You might wake up in pain, and if that’s the case, it’s probably an issue with your sleep. This could be your mattress or bed, and you’re probably thinking ha! You have one of the most expensive beds on the market. But expensive doesn’t always mean the best and if the bed is too soft with too much give you could wake up with back pain.

If you’re wondering what mattress you should be using sites like Ted and Stacey’s provide helpful advice including the level of firmness that doctors recommend and info on whether your mattress passes the test. This is something that the Hubby and I are currently dealing with and we’re on the hunt for a new bed/mattress!

Various essential oils may be able to help with this type of pain caused by a physical issue.





Are you on medication? You might even be on medication for the pain that you are experiencing. Do check the side effects because you might find that one of the common effects is, you guessed it, pain.

If you are dealing with an unexplained pain, it’s always worth checking this out. It’s one of the first things a doctor will ask when you go see them which should tell you how common it is for meds to cause symptoms. Switching to a different medication could solve the issue, and you can speak to a doctor about an alternative to treat your condition.


Forgotten Injury


Finally, you might have been injured years ago. Pain can take a while to develop. If you have a pain somewhere in your body think back to whether you have ever been involved in an accident. It’s possible that the bone hasn’t healed correctly or that the damage was more severe than you thought.

This is why you should always get checked out by a doctor after any accident, no matter how minor it might have seemed at the time. You can learn more on about injuries that don’t show up right away here.


Dealing with pain, especially pain that becomes chronic is no fun! What works with pain management varies with each person, but identifying the cause is a step in the right direction!

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