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On average, couples spend over $35,000 on the perfect wedding party. In other words, it is a lot of money to spend on organizing one single day. Even though it’s going to be your big day, it’s important to remember that it is, ultimately, a ceremony of love and not a competition to throw the most expensive and impressive party. In fact, more often than not, people accidentally spend so much time planning every single detail from the dress to the venue decor that they risk forgetting the big picture and destroying the personal feeling about the day. Here are some simple and cost-effective tips to consider to give your wedding the personality it deserves.

Don’t let kids get bored


What does personality have to do with your wedding?

Injecting personality into your wedding party is the indispensable gesture that will make the day memorable to everyone. While you can spend ages planning the color palette in the venue and getting your bridesmaids to wear just the right shade of powder rose, it can be dangerous to aim for an absolutely perfect setting. Indeed, there’s something impersonal and distant about perfection that will make your guests and yourself feel uncomfortable. Personality is about reclaiming the wedding day as a fun and pleasant event. It’s what puts people at the heart of the party and makes everyone feel included.

Forget 3-star meals, go for conviviality

What’s the best menu for your big day? The chances are that you might be too excited to sit down and enjoy a 3-course menu. Besides, forcing your guests to stay at the table while the plates are delivered encourages distance and awkwardness. By replacing the typical catering menu by a new trend, aka the buffet, you can not only keep your budget in the green but also make sure that your guests will feel a lot more comfortable walking around and talking to each other. Pick flavors and vibes that are significant to you, both for the drinks and the buffet. It’s the perfect mix of personal touch and affordable organization.

Simple and yummy buffet


Personal and quirky wedding favors

Of course, you’d like to give your guests something memorable. But, let’s be honest; you can’t give everyone an expensive bottle of wine and a food hamper basket. While you can find pre-packed favors in most wedding retails, they have in affordability what they lack in personality. Instead, opt for something that can be tailored, such as custom bobbleheads of you and your partner, as a reminder of the day spent together. These can be a lot of fun, and you can be sure they’ll be kept!  

Kids are welcome too

Too many weddings are not children-friendly. As a result, parents are reluctant to attend, or they have difficulty finding alternatives for their kids. Instead, make it easy by ensuring that the little ones can get entertained on your big day too. A morning or early afternoon wedding is best for families with young children. Additionally, you can even hire a child-wrangler for the reception so that everyone can have fun.

Injecting personality into your wedding is a matter of making sure that you can share your day with your friends and relatives. From keeping your options simple and close to what you like to acknowledging that your guests want to have fun too, a wedding with personality is a reception that brings everyone together.


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