I’m back with another fun and easy candy free valentine idea! This You’re the Balm Valentine is super cute, works for any type of lip balm you want to use, even homemade essential oil lip balm!

You're the Balm Valentine and Printable

This is a quick and easy Valentine’s idea. The kids can definitely get involved with this one! Let them pick the ribbons, which lip balm goes where and add  personal touch with a picture or name on the back of the card. The options are kind of endless 🙂

You're the Balm Valentine and Printable


You’re the Balm Valentine Materials:

You’re the Balm Valentine Instructions:

  1. Cut out the Valentines from the “You’re the Balm” printable. Grab the printable here!
  2. Use a hole punch to make two holes on the front of each Valentine across from each other in the printed heart section of the Valentine. You can view the photo for reference on where your holes should be made.
  3. Thread a piece of ribbon through the back of each Valentine.
  4. Lay a lip balm down on the front of the Valentine and tie the ribbon around it to attach it to the Valentine.

Told you these were easy! And just cause these You’re the Balm Valentine are “candy free” doesn’t mean they can’t be candy flavored! 😉

Do you make valentine’s for your kids to take to school or give to friends?

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One Response to You’re the Balm Valentine and Printable

  1. Paula Schuck says:

    This is so incredibly cute. I have pinned it and shared for later so that I remember how to make this. Adorable idea and not overly $$$ either. Lip balms is easy to find and useful.

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