Bad days, they’re an enevitable reality…when you have a bad day, its easy to revert to bad habits – comfort foods, candy, a cocktail or more. Instead of falling into destructive habits, make a choice to do something just for you! These self care activities are meant to inspire better habits and choices for when you’re struggling and need to do something nice for yourself.

4 Self Care Activities For a Bad Day

Watch Something Funny

Don’t underestimate the power of laughing! There is a reason that they say that “laughter is the best medicine.” If you are having a terrible day, find a way to watch TV or a movie that makes you laugh.

Avoid action, drama, and other genres that might stir your emotions in a negative way. Binge watch your favorite comedy on Netflix, or turn on the TV to try something new. Laughing is extremely healing and can quickly change your mood even after the very worst of days.

Get Out of the House

Some people prefer staying inside and watching Netflix for self care, while others already spend a lot of time indoors. If this is you, then getting out to socialize and meet up with friends might be a better option. When you find yourself doing nothing but working and going home, you may simply need another outlet.

Try meeting co-workers for drinks after work or calling up a sister or cousin to have a girl’s night out. Get a little bit out of your comfort zone and it can be very good for you. Even just going for a walk around the block can help you shift your mindset and pull yourself out of a rut. Not to mention fresh air and sunshine are very beneficial!

Spend More Time with Friends and Family

Spending more time with your loved ones can be great for self care, as long as *they’re not* the reason you’re searching for some self care activities to begin with 🙂  Many people think being alone is the only way to take care of themselves and relieve stress, but sometimes the best thing for you is being around those that love you most.

Think about your daily lifestyle and what tends to stress you out. You might find that you feel worse when you are constantly alone, but your mood seems to lift on happy hour night or when visiting your best friend. This is a good sign that what you really need is to get out and spend more time around people.

Meditate For 10 Minutes

On a really bad day, try to have at least a short meditation session. If you’re not familiar with meditating or don’t know where to start or how to do it, there are plenty of apps out there than can help with guided meditations! I’ll be sharing some of my favorite apps and guided meditations soon, in the mean time…

The most important part of meditation is finding a quiet, peaceful spot you can be alone. Clear your mind and just let your tangled thoughts trickle out while you relax. Even if you can’t find a few minutes where you are alone, there are other places you might be alone and able to meditate, like when you are going on a walk or run, or while taking a shower.

Taking a few minutes to quite your mind, breathe deep and just BE can turn around a bad day quickly!

All of these self care activities are my go-to’s for a bad or stressful day and work without fail to bring my out of whatever funk I’ve got going on. While I can’t garuntee that these WILL work for you, they certainly can’t hurt! With a little practice and time, you’ll find your own “bad day” self care activities that work best.

What is your go to self care activities or coping tools for a bad day?


Need a refresher on the Basics of Self Care? Read this! 

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6 Responses to Self Care Activities For a Bad Day

  1. Kathy A says:

    I love making “Be good to Yourself” gift baskets; I often use them as raffle items for a group I belong to, the church Christmas bazaar, or gifts for friends. They usually start with a thrifted basket; a quick scrub and a spray of clear lacquer does wonders. Often they include some of my homemade Epsom bath salts, soap, sugar scrubs, and/or sachets. Clearance items (usually Michael’s) like color coordinated pens, notecards, journals, magnets, etc. Lotion, candles, soap pumps, bath scrubbies, manicure tools, you name it. Chocolate is good, too. In a household where money may be tight, these things can be such a luxury–to have a leisurely scented bath by candlelight with music and a glass of wine.The Christmas ones usually have a theme–Santa, angels, snowmen, etc. with dishtowels, candles, candy dishes, etc. Sometimes people (especially moms who get the broken yokes, the burnt toast) need a gift that reminds them that self-caring is not selfish, it is very important!

  2. Jann Olson says:

    I truly do believe that laughter is the best medicine! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. Claire Rocks says:

    Such a great post. I am massive on self care #ThisIsHowWeRoll

  4. Alicia says:

    These are great ideas! Especially number one! I used to watch “Wipe Out” and always felt better 😉

  5. Sheri says:

    So much truth and necessary ideas here. Thanks for sharing at the To Grandma’s House We Go DIY, Crafts, Recipes and More Wednesday Link Party. Pinned!

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