I attended Megaphone Summit 16 as a part of the paid #ArizonaEnergyShots ambassador team. All opinions are my own.

Bright and early Friday morning my friend Brenda (From Schooling a Monkey) and I left the Metroplex area of Dallas to head to Arkansas for Megaphone Summit 16!


We had a 6 ish hour trip to Fayetteville, Arkansas + a few pits stops, coffee and lunch breaks along the way. we made pretty good time, and before you know it we were in Arkansas! This was actually my first time in Ak, and I was wowed by the beauty of the northern part of the state! The rolling hills that lead into the Ozark Mountains, the trees, the panoramic views at the top of a steep climb… the beauty was just overwhelming and I found myself pointing and exclaiming and oohhhing with every bend and new hilltop vista. Which you would probably already know about if you followed our weekend adventure on snapchat!


I wasn’t just at Megaphone Summit 16 for the heck of it, I was there with a purpose! I was delighted to be invited as an AriZona Energy Shots Ambassador for the weekend. Which you also probably knew already if you follow me on instagram or snapchat 🙂 I had so much fun learning about this energy packed product and spreading the AriZona love to all the other conference participants!

Loaded with the power of green tea, lots of vitamins and great flavor, these little shots of amazingness kept me going and energized all weekend long! I can’t wait until they’re in stores! (Select walmarts across the nation will have them starting in October!) But I brought a bunch home to keep me going until them (Its the CRAZIEST time of year for this blogger/VA/handmade shop owner y’all! I’m going to NEED them!!)



As much fun as I had wandering around the Chancellor Hotel, handing out energy shots and chatting with the most talented group of bloggers I’ve ever met (and my Bestie Taylor was there too), I did learn a TON!

Here’s a few snip-its from the keynote sessions I attended that stuck with me…

Friday’s Keynote – Sister Schubert (Yes THE roll lady!)

“Be the biggest believer in your _____ (*insert your biz, blog, goal, purpose here*), because if you’re not, then you just need to get out of it!”

“Never forget to use word of mouth”

Sister Schubert’s story is pretty incredible. From sunday baking for the family to producing over 10 MILLION rolls a day, she’s telling her story, impacting business people and making a difference in the Ukraine! I was a little in awe of this powerhouse women! I did get a chance to speak with her and I’ve got a little something up my sleeve for the future!

Saturday’s Keynote – Peg Fitzpatrick

“If people say no, but you think its a good idea, do it anyway”

“What 3 things do you want to be known for? Make sure they show up in everything you do!”

“How will you grow?” – she talked about this for a while… what I took away is that you have to PLAN to grow, not just wait for it to happen. So find the inspiration you need to push you into learning, making plans for the future and implementing strategies that will help that growth last for the long haul.

“There is plenty of Pie for Everyone!”

I also attended sessions on evernote, SEO, instagram, working with brands, and charting your course as a blogger. I learned a TON!! For realsies! And I’ve already got several new blog posts in the works, that will dig into some of these ideas further.


There was lots of swag, prizes and goodies to haul around all weekend. I lucked out with the perfect bag (given to me as a PR sample from 88-eightyeight.com ) for the weekend! I loved the extra long cross body strap and that it was small enough to keep me from shoving 948838483 things in it and weighing myself down, but big enough to hold everything I NEEDED to have with me all day long. (PS! Get a free accessory with purchase of a handbag. Code: FREEGWP)


Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning was jammed packed with all the best that The Women Bloggers has to offer! And I was more than a little sad when the weekend was over. We headed back to Texas, deciding to take “The Pig Trail” from Fayetteville to Fort Smith. And boy am I glad we did! We stumbled across the most incredible look out point with a gift store. I mean… THAT VIEW!!

I fully intend to get back to Arkansas… And I think the fall would be the PERFECT time to actually enjoy a changing of the seasons and a little vacation in the mountains.

BUT FIRST, I’ll be heading back for Megaphone Summit 2017!! And you should come too! Check out The Women Bloggers to get connected in your state!

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5 Responses to Megaphone Summit 16 Recap!

  1. elle spann says:

    love AR!! So fun about meeting the roll lady 😉
    Southern Elle Style

  2. Patti Tucker says:

    Sounds like you crammed that brain full of good thangs!

  3. Terra Heck says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard of Megaphone Summit. Sounds both entertaining and educational.

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