One of my favorite things about the end of the year is the chance to pause for a moment, and spend some time looking back and looking forward! I love to review what goals I’ve accomplished, work on my strategy for the future and figure out my resolutions and goals for the next year! And this year I’ve got a work sheet to make it all easier! Don’t worry, I’m here to share it with you too!


This worksheet is the perfect chance to spend a few moments looking back and looking forward! Its all about the things you accomplished and challenged yourself with in the last year and about dreaming big for the new year!

Looking Back printable


I’ve been trying to do something along these lines each year since I turned 25, I’ve missed a few years, but have been much better about keeping track of my goals, dreams, desires and accomplishments since moving to Texas. I enjoy spending a few moments reading over the previous years accomplishments and goals, while brainstorming about what I accomplish in the new year.

Look forward and be grateful

Looking Back – 2015 was an interesting year. There were some pretty low lows, but some seriously awesome highs! It was definitely a bit of a roller-coaster year! But through it all I managed to stay on track with most of my goals.

Looking Forward – I’ve got some interesting things to figure out right off the bat this year. My VA business is expanding (and almost bursting at the seams), and I’ll be adding an intern, maybe 2. I’ve also got a lot I want to do with my blog and handmade shop.

I’ll be spending the next few days, thinking about this year, being grateful for all that I accomplished, survived and was blessed with. All the while planning out the next year and deciding exactly what I want to accomplish and how!

Do you spend any time looking back and looking forward? Do you write down your accomplishments and goals at the end of the year?

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7 Responses to Looking Back and Looking Forward New Years Printable

  1. Lauren Spann says:

    how cute! i love making goals and lists 🙂
    Southern Elle Style

  2. This is a great way to reflect and aspire!

  3. gigipoo says:

    Cool! Thank you for a great printable!

  4. Mother of 3 says:

    What a lovely printable and a great way to reflect on the year.

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  6. shbowdoin says:

    I love the idea of looking back and forward. The printables are an effective way to focus your thinking. I am choosing this post as my featured post from last week’s #OMHGWW Linkup!


  7. Donna says:

    Hi Jennifer. Your handy printable is featured at Two Uses Tuesday #60 today! Hope you can stop by!

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