Did you know that its National Donut Day today?? Its kind of silly right? But its the perfect reason to celebrate everybody’s favorite pastry! I’m celebrating with my favorite Donut Must Haves! And maybe some homemade gluten free donuts too!

Donut Must Haves - BusyBeingJennifer.com

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  1. Two-Bite Donut Inner Tube – I REALLY wish I had a pool! Like reeeaaalllyyy!
  2. Donut Cotton Crew Socks – How cute are these! I’ve already added these to my shopping cart!
  3. The Donut Mug – Obsessed with this mug!
  4. Sweet Treats Donut Microbead Pillow – I need this for my reading nook!
  5. Donut Key Holder Key Ring – Must have in ALL the colors!!
  6. Donut Forget Sticky Notes – I can “put a donut on it” EVERYWHERE!
  7. Pink Colorful Donuts Ultra Soft Blanket – Lets get cozy shall we?
  8. Donut Plush Assortment – These 5 inch plush donuts are ADORABLE!
  9. Donut Backpack – Yup. I’m 32 and I WANT this Backpack!
  10. Donuts Inflatable Pool Party Drink Floats – Again with the wanting of a pool! How clever are these?
  11. Sweety Pink Donut Printed Sleeveless Crop Top – Rock that donut crop top girl!
  12. Frosting Scented Pink Donut Shaped Notebook – Frosting scented? GIMME!!
  13. I Donut Care Mug – I. must. have. this. mug! Pretty Please?
  14. Portable Mini Fan Strawberry Donut USB Battery Fan – Brilliant!
  15. Pink Sprinkle Donut Earrings – So cute!

All of this talk of donut must haves has me a.) craving some frosted tastiness and b.) on the hunt for some donut print fabric! I want to make zippies and patchy bears out if it! How cute would those be? Haven’t found any yet, but when I do, I’ll be sure to share!

How are you celebrating National Donut Day? Any of these Donut Must Haves get added to your shopping list?

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2 Responses to Donut Must Haves

  1. Danita says:

    Love National Donut Day! I had forgotten all about it….gotta run headed out for my free donut!

  2. Lauren Spann says:

    just ate my donut holes for the date!!
    Southern Elle Style

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