Best Natural Looking Hair Replacement Systems and Toupee for MenHI! I’m Jennifer. Just a Small Town Texas Blogger making my way in the world. I used to be a big city girl, but well life took a crazy turn and I ended up in Texas married to a cowboy! At first I was just trying to find my way in Texas, but now I’m busy being me.

I am a total craft addict and I blame it on my Nana. She had me trained in the art of “glue-gunning” by the time I was 5. I know a lot about a few things and a little about a lot of things. I’m sarcastic and fancy myself a comedian. I fully believe that life lessons are meant to be learned, and then turned into witty T-shirts.

I’m on a new journey to a better me. My health and getting my weight under control have become one of my top priorities. I want to live to a ripe old age and be that funny little old lady that crochets everywhere she goes. Who would have ever thought that I’d learn to like going to the gym??? Certainly not anyone who “knew me when”.

I’m a girly girl that doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty on occasion. I’m passionate about photography, coffee, books and helping others. I love blogging and according to my husband I have an unhealthy addiction to social media, especially instagram. I’ve newly discovered that I love and, possibly have a talent for, quilting. I’ve always admired them, now I am making my own 🙂 One time I got to be on TV and I really hope I will be again some day. I love creating new things for my shop. You should check it out 😉

My life story is kinda crazy, a little bit interesting and definitely funny at times. Stick around and maybe I’ll tell you about the time I fell in the manure pile…. on second thought, you’re gonna have to wait for that story…

Right now I’m Busy Being Jennifer.

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