Summer will be here before you know it! And along with summer, comes vacations and road trips!  But before you go, you should check and double check your preparations. Are you ready to go, and have you forgotten anything you’ll need for your road trip?

9 Things to Check Before Your Summer Road Trip

Here are 9 important things to check and double check before your summer road trip.

  1. Have you booked your house, cat, dog, and pet sitter? Have they actually visited your home, and do they understand how to use the alarm system, and what key goes where? Leave a detailed care checklist on the countertop, so they can tick things off as they do them. Plus, you’ll be assured when you’re back at home that they completed these tasks. Video monitoring and security ( there are so many affordable options these days) will help ensure your pets are safe and cared for!
  2. Does everyone have what they need? This isn’t just applicable to the kids having enough snacks or toys for the trip, it also means that all the adults have packed their meds, cosmetics, and clothes. Write a comprehensive list, and check it twice!
  3. Do you have a good pair of walking shoes? These are a MUST!! You may think you don’t need them, but you never know when you may see a great hiking trail beside a rest stop, and want to get out and stretch your legs. Comfortable shoes are also handy to keep around in the event that your regular shoes start hurting your feet, or fall apart. I always being at least 2 pairs and if I’m not wearing them while I’m driving, their easily accessible incase I need them while we travel.
  4. Do you have an emergency kit in your vehicle? You never know when one might be necessary and its better to be safe than sorry.
  5. Make sure that your electronic devices have made it into the car. Nothing is worse than realizing you forgot your cell phone, or your e-book reader, or computer… or their chargers!! 
  6. Have you packed food and water in the car? People can get crabby when they’re stuck in a tiny space, and there are no refreshments, I know I do! They may forget, but you need to focus on driving, so check and double check that everyone has brought their fair share of the snacks.
  7. Is your vehicle in perfect running order? Being halfway through a road trip is not the time to remember to change the spark plugs or oil, or get new brake pads. All maintenance should be done on the car at your local dealership before you go. Be sure your car is in perfect running order the night before. First thing in the morning double check that it’s running perfectly. Don’t forget to check that all seat belts latch up properly before embarking on a trip.
  8. Remember to place all trip maps into your car the night before. Or, ensure that your GPS unit is in your purse, ready to go.
  9. Ensure that the car is spic and span, in and out. Have a quick go through right before your road trip, a clean car is MUCH nicer to travel in!

Are you planning a summer road trip? Where are you headed?

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One Response to 9 Things to Check Before Your Summer Road Trip

  1. Stephanie Z says:

    Good tips! I definitely need a new pair of walking shoes. It’s not really something you think about until you have to walk for a long time.

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