Do you ever feel like when you actually want the time to go by faster it seems to freeze clocks rather than speed them up? It is a funny thing in life when we want the time to disappear it feels like forever and when we want to savor a moment it seems to slip right through our fingers. Sure, it can be fun to pass the time with an online casino, but sometimes, you want to do something that is fun and productive.

Don’t worry, this is not one of those deep inspirational articles about life. However, it is a help guide for when you are stuck in situations where you want time to pass quickly.

Let’s just face it; no one likes waiting! If you ever find yourself caught up in an awkward, boring, or impatient situation where time can seem like an endless tunnel there are some helpful tools to help you get through it. Follow these 8 productive ways to pass time and you won’t even realize how much time past!

  • Find New Blogs to Follow

It is likely that you already checked up on your favorite blogs and there is still nothing new posted within the past two minutes, so what to do now? The answer is simple. Find new blogs to follow! There are a plethora of talented bloggers out there talking about things that will interest you. Maybe your getting bored of following the same bloggers and you need some new inspiration. The best way to find new and trending blogs is by searching “best blogs to follow 2018”, or by asking friends who have similar tastes for recommendations.

  • Create a Journal Entry

Whether you’re a natural born writer or not, recording your experiences and thoughts is stimulating and therapeutic. If you have had something on your mind the past few days or your going through something it is also a good idea to sometimes write out what your feeling. Whatever the case may be, whip out your cell phone or a note book and start writing! Creating a journal entry is extremely time consuming, you won’t even realize how fast the time flew by.

  • Make Conversation with a Stranger

In today’s world of technology everyone spends every free moment they have with their heads down in their phones. Maybe this time instead of burying yourself in social media, which happens to make time feel even slower, you should say hello to stranger. Sometimes its nice to unplug from the matrix and actually make natural conversation with human beings; you know, like in the old days. In fact, you never know who you might meet, you may also make someone’s day!

  • Close Your Eyes

Have you even stopped and thought about when the last time you napped or got some real good sleep? Maybe instead of dreading the waiting, close your eyes and savor the one moment you get to actually relax. Kick your feet up, find a comfortable position for your neck and don’t be afraid to close your eyes. In fact, power naps of at least 15 to 20 minutes have been said to make you feel more alert for the remainder of your day!

  • Read Up

When was the last time you read a good book? Our lives get busier and busier every year that we stop doing some of the things we used to love. Reading a good book used to be a normal everyday thing, but now its been replaced with Instagram and Facebook. Instead of scrolling through other people’s lives dive into a book you’ve always wanted to read or finish a book you never completed. Reading is an effective tool to take your mind off waiting.

For those who just aren’t into reading books, however, you can also spend your time reading up on important information. If you’ve needed to make an appointment at an eye centre, now’s the time to start researching the top-rated optometrists in your area. If your boss has asked you to research web hosting platforms, but you haven’t had time at work, then use your off-time to be productive—it’ll show your boss how much incentive you have! Whether it’s learning how to change your credit score from bad to great, or researching reviews of mattresses to improve your sleep, there are numerous ways you can read up on a topic and use your time productively.

  • Go Through Those Thousands of Emails You Never Check

Does your email app show a huge number of all the unread emails you have lying around in your phone? You’re not alone. All of us have that one email account that we gave up on long ago because there were too many spam and advertisement emails coming in to keep track of the valuable emails. However, you may be missing out on something important! Take this rare moment of spare time and finally select “read all”.

  • Text A Friend You Haven’t Talked to In a Long Time

When was the last time you talked to Alex, your old college roommate? Their name may not be Alex, but I’m sure you have an Alex you haven’t talked to in ages. Now is the perfect time to send a text to that one friend who you have been meaning to text for a long time.

  • Take a Walk, Go on a Hike, Play a Sport

It is never a bad time to get some exercise. If you are waiting inside or outside, go ahead and stretch out those legs and take a few laps. Walking will help get rid of the impatient feeling you have! To make sure you are properly equipped up for your outdoor excursion, make sure to invest in outdoor gear designed by hikers—these will help you make sure your adventure is exciting and safe!


If you’re the type of person who prefers to exercise with a friend, invite them along! Or pick up a new sport, so you can play friends and family in some competitive fun. It’s becoming increasingly popular to have MUGA play surfaces for tennis courts installed in neighborhoods or backyards, and having your own play area for a sport is a great way to motivate yourself to get some activity and exercise.

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One Response to 8 Productive Ways to Pass the Time

  1. Stephanie Z says:

    I really need to clean out my email and make sure I haven’t missed anything important. I have way to many! Thanks for the tips.

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