Many people live in regions with harsh winter conditions, and while its rare in my part of Texas, it does happen! Whether you get caught in a bad storm, or your car breaks down in the country, you should have emergency kit necessities on hand! Your car’s battery won’t last forever, so that may mean having to turn the heater off to conserve fuel. Scary thought, right? Not if you are bundled up for a winter road trip AND prepared for any emergency!

Having these Emergency Kit Necessities, especially in winter, could mean the difference between life and death! Dramatic? Yes! But its better to have them just in case!

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Here are 8 emergency kit necessities that you need to have on hand, in case you get stuck.

  1. A first aid kit should be kept in your truck at all times. You never know when you may slip and fall on the ice, and need to clean and bandage a wound. You should have at least a Level 1 First Aid Kit, which will be clearly labeled at the pharmacy. Keeping a few instant hot packs in there can also warm you up, if you get too chilly.
  2. A blanket or two should be kept in your car for those times when your engine may die, and it’s freezing temperatures outside. An emergency blanket will keep you from freezing to death, until you get help. Be sure to add extra blankets for each family member.
  3. Many people like to pack some extra winter gear in their trunks too. This may include an additional heavy winter coat, a hat, gloves, and waterproof boots. You never know when you may get stuck somewhere, and temperatures will dip at night. Be prepared! 
  4. We can survive longer without food, but only about three days without water. You should have a bottle or two of fresh bottled drinking water. But don’t keep it in your trunk—it can freeze in there. Keep it inside your car. Even if it freezes overnight, it will thaw out once you turn the heat on. It will be ready when, or if you need it. Check the expiry dates too, and switch them out when they are past their prime.
  5. You should also pack some energy bars in your car. Being hungry can make you even more stressed over a situation that may not be that bad. Energy or granola bars are something that will keep for a few months at a time, without having to worry about them going bad. You can eat them if they’re near the expiry date, but remember to buy a new box.
  6. An emergency flashlight and Level 1 First Aid Kit can make your car stand out when it’s a snowfall. If the power goes out in your car, a flashlight can keep your sanity. Flares may signal to others that you need some help.
  7. A spare tire and tool kit can save you the trouble of needing to call an auto club if you get a flat tire. You can change it yourself, and be on your way quickly.
  8. If you always brings a cell phone with you, you’ll always have help at your fingertips. There may occasionally be no-signal zones, but the odds are decreased that you’ll be stuck anywhere for any length of time, without having help on the way. Make sure you bring a fully charged portable charger with you just in case!

Having these Emergency Kit Necessities, especially in winter, could mean the difference between life and death! Dramatic? Yes! But wouldn’t it be better to have them and not need these Emergency Kit Necessities, than need them and not have them?

Do you keep an emergency kit in your vehicle? Do you update it for winter?

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2 Responses to 8 Emergency Kit Necessities for the Winter

  1. Calvin says:

    Can never be too careful, prevention of hazards are key.

  2. Stephanie Z says:

    I never think about having this type of stuff in my car for an emergency. Thanks for the tips!

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