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Heralded by Alexander Graham Bell, home phones were once the cutting edge in communication. With these, you didn’t have to wait weeks for mail. Suddenly, you could call and speak with the person you wanted in an instant. And, our love for the trusty home phone lasted from back in 1876, right through to the early 2000s.


Now, though, mobile phones are the big thing. Adapted from their forefathers, these nifty devices mean we contact loved ones from anywhere. Not only that, but we can do everything from head online, to reading a book. It’s no wonder, then, that most of us would be unable to put our finger on the last time we used a landline. More and more households are doing away with these altogether.

But, that by no means indicates the home phone is dead. 46% of households still have one. And, there are still plenty of home phone packages out there, like those you can find from Suddenlink by Altice. Which begs the question of who still uses their home phone, and whether you could benefit from doing the same. Read on to find out.

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People who work from home

The primary audience for home phone use is the work-from-home market. Strangely, recent years have seen a real influx here. As such, you could argue we’re on the cusp of a landline resurgence. Only time will tell. One thing is sure, though; Many of those already working from home have resorted to traditional methods. Mobiles also have their benefits when it comes to business. But, a landline number brings a professional air you could never get otherwise. It shows customers you’re a reliable and established company. So, if you work from home and haven’t considered this, it’s past time you made the switch.

People trying to save money

We all want to save money, don’t we? But, while other companies are dropping prices, mobile contracts are through the roof. A handset costs an average $73 a month. That’s a fair amount, especially when you consider that you probably already have a landline if you’re online. While many choose not to use it, an internet provider operates through your phone line. They will give you a home number when you sign up. What’s more, landlines don’t have the added costs of things like roaming charges and in-app purchases. So, those on a real saving kick may turn to tradition to cut back. Could you do the same?

People in rural settings

Last, we have people in rural settings. While mobile signal coverage is now pretty good, there are still issues in some areas. Those in rural houses may struggle to get any signal at home, for instance. Even those in old stone buildings may experience this problem. Given that landlines have been around for longer, they may find they’re able to hook up a home phone with no trouble. So, if you struggle with ‘emergency calls only,’ a home phone could be the lifeline you’re looking for.


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