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There’s much to love about fall. It’s cozy, and after the madness of the summer season, it’s a welcome opportunity to sit down, relax, and let our energy levels build up again. But enjoyment of the season doesn’t just happen. Indeed, if we let things run on autopilot, we might find that fall isn’t the homey, comfortable period that we hoped for and expected. It’s a period that we’re hoping will pass as quickly as possible, along with winter. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen. Below, we take a look at five issues that’ll make your home less of a comfortable place to be in. Make sure you’re not suffering from any of them!

Poor Insulation

You can spend all the time in the world making sure your home looks inviting this fall, but if it doesn’t feel inviting, then you’re not going to enjoy spending time there. The issue is rarely how to get the home warm; it’s how to keep it warm. It’s all in the insulation. If you haven’t upgraded to the latest insulation type, then you might just be letting all that hot – and expensive – air pass through your walls. Don’t keep the birds warm – make sure you have proper insulation, and you’ll be able to relax in a toasty, cozy home.


Chilly Mornings

You know when you wake up on those cold mornings, and you don’t want to leave the bed, but you know there’s a warm shower waiting for you at the end of the hall? Well, imagine if when you turned on the tap, no hot water came out. Sounds pretty terrible, right? It happens all the time. If you’ve got an old water heater or substandard pipes, you run the risk of this scenario coming to pass. Check your systems are all in working order before the cold weather hits. If it does happen, contact and have it taken care of as soon as possible. The coziness of your mornings depends on it!

The Wrong Infrastructure

There’s a certain style that is associated with fall. Everything has to look cozy. Take a look at your living room: how is it going to stand up to the tests of the season? If you don’t have a comfortable couch or your walls are bare, or you’re looking the entertainment system that is needed for those special nights in with the family, then make sure you’re taking care of the issue as soon as possible. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of lighting. Overly harsh overhead lighting will make it difficult to sink into those cozy evenings!

A Chaotic Kitchen

Finally, focus on getting your kitchen in order. Fall is all about making soups and cookies, and if you don’t have a kitchen that you want to spend time in, then you’re unlikely to want to cook up a storm. Most kitchens don’t need a lot of work, just a bit of a tidy, so get things in order before fall hits.

Put all of these tips and ideas into practice and you’re in for a cozy comfortable fall!

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