For the past several years, I’ve picked a word I want to focus on and use as a base for my goals and plans ( 2017’s Word || 2016’s Word || 2015’s Word). This year, my one little word is THRIVE! But before I dive into why, and my goals and dreams for 2018, I want to reflect a bit on 2017!

One Little Word for 2018 - Maya Angelou Quote about Thriving

When I chose Rise as my one little word for 2017, I did so with the intention of having a solid purpose and passion behind my goals, that I could grab on to when things got a little tough. Well my friends, it worked. 2017 was my most successful, productive and goal achieving year ever!

It wasn’t perfect. There were ups and downs like any other year, but having a clear purpose and intention made a world of difference! In every negative or stressful situation, I reminded myself to RISE. It didn’t hurt that I had a reminder tattooed right on my arm either!

2017 brought…

a tone of new opportunities
lots of new clients for my VA business
more sponsored content for my blog than ever before
a new team member to my VA business
more blog traffic than I’ve ever had to date
more sales in my handmade shop than ever before
2 new business ventures
the best health I’ve had in a VERY long time thanks to TruVision
And best of all, my biggest goal, of being able to bring my husband HOME was achieved 4 weeks earlier than anticipated!

Thanks right! The hubs is no longer a long-haul trucker! He’s taken on the role of chief carpenter, right-hand-VA-man, and blog husband extraordinaire! And we’re both the happiest and most content we’ve ever been!

One Little Word for 2018 - T.I. Quote about Thriving

Now about 2018 and this year’s one little word…

I chose “thrive” because I want to keep 2017’s momentum going and take it beyond the next level! I want to do more than just succeed this year, I want to LIVE along the way! I’ve got big plans in mind for the next 12 months and my intentions are set, my goals are established and I can’t wait to see what magic is going to unfold in 2018!

I’m going to be sharing a lot more about our goals, dreams, and plans for 2018 over course of this year, I hope you’ll check back and be inspired as we absolutely THRIVE this next year!

What is your one little word for this coming year?

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One Response to Thrive – One Little Word for 2018

  1. CALVIN says:

    Lovely word for the year. I think that you have it all figured out

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