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If you are sick and tired of the same old job this year and you want to delve into something a little bit different, you might not initially know exactly where to starts. Changing careers can be difficult and it can be something which intimidates many of us making us not want to do it. However, if you are a caring person and looking for an ideal career this year, these are the ones for you.

Social work

If you are a caring soul in your heart and you are also not afraid to speak to a range of different types of people every day, you could become a social worker in your local area. As a social worker, your job will be to look after families and the elderly and make sure that they genuinely have a wonderful life and that they are able to stay together as much as possible. Being a social worker can be great as you will become a respected part of the community and a shoulder to cry on.


School counselor

If you love kids and you want to work in a direct capacity with them this year, one really great idea for a career is being a counselor for a school. You can take an online masters in school counseling and you will be able to spend your days listening to kids’ problems and anxieties and helping them to feel happier and more confident in every part of their lives. It is a rewarding role and one which you should be proud to have.



A nurse is the ultimate caregiver and unlike a doctor, you won’t need to spend the best part of 7 years in university to gain the qualifications you need. There are many nursing courses out there which allow you to work while studying and it can be a job which is massively rewarding. You’ll look after people at their most vulnerable and they will trust and respect you for it. You’ll be an integral part of their recovery and a positive influence in their lives.



If you love little babies and you have always wanted to look after them in some way, becoming a midwife might just be the ideal job for you to take on this year. As a midwife, your job will be to look after baby and mother during the pregnancy and the birth and this can be the most rewarding job you ever have because you will be able to witness the miracle of childbirth first hand every single day, what could be better than that?



Animal conservationist

For someone who is passionate about animals and wants to make a difference to the planet this year, an ideal job role for you would be to work in conservation and be part of the many different programs around the world dedicated to saving our animal species. Animals are beautiful and deserve to be rescued and you could be on the front lines doing this every single day.

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  1. J. Husin says:

    These are great jobs that take a lot of patience. May these wonderful people always be blessed.

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