Test driving a vehicle is the fun part of vehicle shopping. If you’re considering taking a vehicle for a test drive, there are some things you should consider. Test driving is to help you decide if you want to buy a vehicle or not. Here is what you should “test” during the test drive.

What should you "test" during the test drive?


How well does it stop?

When it comes to test driving a new vehicle, make sure you check how well it stops. You don’t want to be worried about new brakes, right after you get the vehicle. Do a brake test to makes sure the vehicle stops well.

Did you check the tires?

One common complaint of new vehicles are the tires. When you’re testing out a new vehicle, make sure you check out the tires. How are the treads? How old are the tires? Do they seem to have good traction?

How well does it turn and drive well?

The vehicle that you’re test driving should drive well. You don’t want a vehicle that doesn’t turn well. You do not want to purchase a vehicle that needs a lot of work done, especially to the engine.

Does it look good on the inside?

The inside of a vehicle is a great indicator of how well it was taken care of. Take a good look at the inside of the vehicle. Look at the seats, the floors, and even the walls of the car. Make sure it’s clean and well maintained.

Have you asked for the work history?

Vehicles take a lot of care, which is why asking for a work history on the vehicle is a good idea. You want to know what kind of work the vehicle has done and if it has any problems. Knowing the history of the vehicle can help you make a good decision. No one wants to buy a vehicle and then discover it has a lot of problems.

Check the fluids

Buying a vehicle is an important life decision. Don’t forget to pull over and check the fluids. Fluids are an indicator of how well the vehicle has been maintained. Don’t be fooled by a vehicle that drives well, you want to ensure everything runs according to how it’s supposed to.

Test driving a vehicle is a good way to see if you like it or not. Taking the time to test drive a vehicle is a smart decision in so many ways!

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