Let’s talk about vehicles that need to haul people around. When you need to fit several people into a vehicle, you usually look at an SUV or a van. Each vehicle brings a unique perspective to the table. The Chrysler Pacifica Van and the Dodge Durango SUV both can hold their own, but there are some aspects that make each vehicle appealing to different crowds.

Solving the Van or SUV Dilemma

Chrysler Pacifica Van

Chrysler is well known for its vans. They have been building them forever, so let’s just say they know exactly what they are doing. One thing you can’t argue with is this van has a ton of room. You can seat 7 people and they all fit comfortably. The style is very modern and the technology can always be expected to be top notch. Several detectors for locating blind spots and helping you to park.

The Chrysler Pacifica Van has a very sleek look for the 2017 model. There is even wireless phone connectivity, electronic stability, and automatic temperature control. This van can help you be a better driver and be as comfortable as possible.

Dodge Durango SUV SXT

Now, you may be thinking, what does an SUV and a van have in common? Lots! When choosing a bigger vehicle, most people are wanting a van or an SUV. Both are spacious and have a lot to offer. The Dodge Durango SUV comes in two sizes. The SXT is the perfect version for anyone who needs more space, but doesn’t want to drive around a van. The Dodge Durango SUV SXT can fit 7 passengers. With families growing bigger and more people carpooling, it only makes sense to buy a vehicle in which several people can fit.

Of course, the SXT offers more than space. It offers a sleek design, comfortable seats, 4-way drive and roof rail crossbars. The 2017 version is up-to-date on any technology features you’d want in a larger vehicle. Everything from power moonroof to remote keyless entry.

Looking at both vehicles side by side, they both have a lot to offer. Honestly, they offer a lot of the same features, it just comes down to preferences. Vans tend to be a little roomier when you’re traveling with little ones and car seats. However, SUVs these days can fit full grown adults in the back.

Choose what works for you! Whether it’s a van or an SUV, you can see perks to both. The big question is, which one will you choose?


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