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I’ll tell you why men are traditionally so dang hard to buy for, well actually there’s two reasons. The first is that they tend to go out and buy anything they need when they want it. Thus leaving you with little to choose from that isn’t crazy expensive! The second issue here is that while there are a lot of gift items that are marketed directly to women, when it comes to men, there tends not to be so much. Although, happily, this is a situation that is begging to change now and widening our options a bit more. 

I’ll tell you why men are traditionally so dang hard to buy for, well actually there's two reasons! Plus I've also got some great gift ideas too!

Activity days

One fun and exciting gift that is always guaranteed to go down well no matter what the occasion is an activity day. There is such a wide selection of these available as well, including adventurous and adrenaline packed activities like sailing, skydiving, abseiling, and even driving old military vehicles. 

Although, these might not be the best choice if your hard to buy for man isn’t the action hero type. Therefore, if you are looking for something a bit more sedate why not consider a voucher for a day where the man in your life can learn a new skill like woodworking, cheese making, or even meat smoking?

Of course, there are some awesome real once in a lifetime experiences that you can pay for as well, including things like bird of prey experiences, flying lesson days, and even survivalist days and weekends, for if you man is into the wilderness and outdoor activities. All of which would be perfect for big celebrations and significant birthdays.


Car related gifts

Many guys are super into their vehicles, and so this is another excellent area for inspiration for that hard to buy for dude. Of course, there are many different option share to consider such as seat covers, emergency kits, and even car cleaning supplies which can be surprisingly expensive!


You may even wish to look at sites which have private number plates for sale as these can make a fabulous gift. Especially, if you can get ones that are personalized to their name or nickname, or that have the numbers of a significant date on them.


Foodie treats

I love foodie type gifts because you can make them yourself at home, and they show a lot of love and thought has been put into them. Of course, what you make will depend on what the man in your life likes, but excellent suggestions cookies, cakes, and even delicious home roasted coffee. Something that you can get an easy recipe for here.



Although homemade items are the not only choice when it comes to edible gifts these days. In fact, you can get all sorts of artisan products now that would be eagerly received by any gastronome. You could even buy a selection of these items and create a hamper to present them with on the day of their celebration. Perfect for the hard to buy for guy that loves food!



It can sometimes be difficult to buy clothes for guys. After all, they tend to be very particular in what they will wear, and that means you run a distinct risk of getting it wrong. To help with this, you can ask them to pick out items beforehand, although this will sabotage any element of surprise, which can make it an unsuitable choice for a gift in some cases.

It may be possible to get around this by going for sleepwear instead though. In fact, these items are increasingly being marketed towards men, along with loungewear that is comfortable to wear on days off and lazy weekends. Something that makes this type of clothing a gift that many men will be more than grateful to receive.



It’s a well-known fact that most men love their tech. Of course, they may not all love the same tech, and so it’s worth doing a little research before you make your purchase. Especially as things like smartphones, tablets, and consoles can be on the expensive side of things.

In fact, before you invest in a device, it’s an excellent idea to find out what their preferred brand and operating system is. This is because they probably won’t be too impressed if you present them with an Apple device that works on IOS if everything else they own is Android!

Similarly, items like drawing tablets that are compatible with laptops and PCs need to be the right kind. This applies both to the operating system that the man you are buying for currently uses, as well as being suitable for the style of work they wish to do.



Also, when it comes to buying consoles and games, it is always a go idea to check and see what their collection already contains. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting something they already have, which kind of takes the fun out of the gift before you start!


Fun and hobbies

Lastly, when it comes to gifts for those hard to buy for men, it can be a smart idea to focus on the things they do for fun and their hobbies. After all, by doing this, you can ensure that they actually get a gift they will receive enjoyment from.

An excellent example of this is that when the man in your life loves Sport, you can get him tickets a game where the team he supports is playing. Alternatively, if he plays sport himself a new kit bag or a pair of training shoes could be just the ticket.

I’ll tell you why men are traditionally so dang hard to buy for, well actually there's two reasons! Plus I've also got some great gift ideas too!

Of course, if he is more into playing a musical instrument then sheet music, accessories, or even a carry case may be better received.

Finally, if your man is all about cooking, then why not treat him to something with a distinctly culinary edge?  We are taking new grill for the garden here, or a fancy cooking pot like the ones Le Creuset make.

You could even buy him a cookbook by his favorite chef, and a novelty apron is another gift that can be both fun and practical too. It’s also an item that you can combine with any of the other gastronomic presents above if you genuinely want to impress him with your gift giving prowess!  


So now that I’ve got the ideas flowing, what gifts are you thinking about giving to that hard to buy for man in your life?


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