October –  We all know its breast cancer awareness month. My Nana fought breast cancer twice. Ultimately it was cancer that took her away from me, but she kicked its ass for over 14 years. She’s been gone 10 years now… and I still miss her every day. This month in her honor, I wear pink!

In October We Wear Pink - busybeingjennifer.com

My Nana taught me so many things… my crafty/creative side comes from her. She taught me the value of making things by hand, the time, effort and love that goes into each piece. She taught me to be strong, even when its the very last thing you want to do. She taught me that family is important. She taught me to go after my dreams, to fight for love, and to never settle for anything less than the stars.

I’m planning on wearing pink every day in October to honor her memory. To help find a cure 50% of all sales in my shop will be going to cancer research.

Today its Pink nails (and a pink bra 🙂 but don’t worry, I won’t show you that) Follow and play along at the #pinkeverydayinoctober hashtag 🙂

Pink Nails in October

Are you doing anything to raise awareness this month?

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8 Responses to I wear pink! #pinkeverydayinoctober

  1. Kathleen says:

    Hi Jennifer, I was moved reading about your Nana. What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful sounding lady. I too was extremely close to my Grandmother. She was a very strong, caring, woman who loved having her family around her. She is a great inspiration and role model of what kind of Grandma I aspire to be. I miss her every day and I am VERY blessed to have been able to share her with my three daughters who Grandma loved very much. And their feelings were the same for her. I'm honored to be named after her and that she always told me I was her favorite and made me feel so important to her. On another note, thanks for reminding us to wear pink in the month of October. Cancer is an awful, ugly disease that has touched so many of us.

  2. Jen B Hale says:

    What a great idea and way to honour your nana. She would be proud!

  3. Courtney says:

    Pretty nails! <3 I love that you have dedicated this month to raising awareness and standing strong with others who know someone or have been personally affected by breast cancer.

  4. Claire says:

    Love that you are doing this, Jennifer!! I lost my Nana to cancer too. 🙁 My Mom's best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks ago and thanks to her early screening she may be able to skip chemo. Fingers crossed. Thanks for helping spread awareness about breast cancer and how important it is for early screenings!!

  5. Kelly says:

    I love that you are wearing pink every day! I’m also donating a portion of my etsy shop sales to breast cancer research. Cancer has touched too many people in my life and even though it’s a small donation on my part, I hope it helps get us one step closer!

  6. mysocalledchaos says:

    Ah, that's so fantastic that you're wearing the pink! You're awesome!

  7. […] Day In October! Did you? At the beginning of the month I told you that I was going to be wearing pink everyday for the next 31 days… Well, I did it! Something pink EVERY. SINGLE. […]

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