Partnering today with Nature Valley to talk about maintaining a healthy balance! All opinions are my own.

Maintaining a healthy balance IS possible! Start with a positive daily mantra, setting priorities and Feed your Body and Soul!!

Balance. Is it just me or is finding and maintaining a healthy balance getting harder and harder? Sometimes I’m convinced it’s just an illusion and impossible to actually achieve. If it’s not one thing, it’s always another… 

At least that’s what I used to tell myself. I’ve made some major progress the last few months when it comes to maintaining a healthy balance. Turns out it’s NOT impossible… it’s all about how you prioritize, your mindset and fueling your body AND soul.

Maintaining a healthy balance IS possible! Start with a positive daily mantra, setting priorities and Feed your Body and Soul!!

Nature Valley™ Peak Edition Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola Cups


Over the last few months, I’ve been on a bit of a “brain reset” journey. I’ve been consciously changing my mindset, thought patterns and getting all “high vibe-ish” at every opportunity. It’s definitely a journey I want to dive into with y’all at some point, but for right now I want to talk about the one major thing I’ve done to change my mindset and set myself up for success at the start of every day. 

Before I do ANYTHING else, other than start the coffee pot, of course, I pick a mantra for the day. Sometimes it’s just one word, sometimes it’s a phrase, but whatever it is that I pick, it’s the ONE thought that I focus on when I start to get scattered or frazzled. I write it down, and I keep it close, a constant reminder for when I need it most. Some days it’s scribbled on a sticky note and stuck to my laptop, others it’s one of these printable and colorable daily mantra cards I designed (sharing the freebie below!). Once my mantra for the day is chosen, I can move on, keeping this main thought at the front of all my plans.

Maintaining a healthy balance IS possible! Start with a positive daily mantra, setting priorities and Feed your Body and Soul!!


I’m definitely a visual, list-loving, plan-all-the-things kind of girl. I use multiple planners, and planner types, for the different aspects of my life. Once I’ve decided on my daily mantra, my next step is to create a prioritized to-do list. Through trial and error, I found the best way for me to stay on track is to organize my to-do list with the “MUST accomplish” items at the very top, working my way down in order to lowest priority. With just a glance I can see what I’ve accomplished, what I SHOULD be working on, and what needs to be done next. Let me tell you… this overly-organized method has saved my bacon a time or two! 

Maintaining a healthy balance IS possible! Start with a positive daily mantra, setting priorities and Feed your Body and Soul!!

Nature Valley Biscuits with Cocoa Almond Butter

Fueling Your Body AND Soul:

I am BAD about working until I literally CAN NOT WORK ANYMORE. Sun up to sundown. 24/7. Burn myself to the ground… you get the picture. When I get in the zone, everything falls by the wayside, except for what is next on the to-do list… I forget to eat, I forget to be human, I’ve even forgotten to sleep on a few occasions. Scheduling breaks and keeping tasty & energizing snack on hand have become my new normal. Taking the dogs for a walk, or outside for a little afternoon sunshine, snacking and stitching, taking a reading break, heading out to do a little thrift store deal hunting, solo dance parties, something that makes me smile and refreshes my soul. These things now get scheduled in, as a high priority.

When I am in that work-work-work mode, having tasty snacks nearby can help fuel me to keep going and do better. Lately, I’ve been reaching for my new favorite, Nature Valley Cups and Biscuits! I keep them on the shelf behind my desk, so anytime I’m feeling peckish, I can just reach around and grab one. I’ve also tossed a few in my laptop bag for when I’m working on the go, or in my embroidery box so I have something delicious to munch on when I’m in the stitching zone.

Maintaining a healthy balance IS possible! Start with a positive daily mantra, setting priorities and Feed your Body and Soul!!

Being an everyday boss doesn’t happen overnight. Maintaining a healthy balance of life vs. work. vs everything else is a constant struggle, even for the best of us. BUT it is possible! It just looks a little different for everyone! 

How do you maintain a healthy balance in your life?


Grab your FREE Printable Daily Mantra Coloring Cards: Print on cardstock, cut out and use as you need! I included 4 of my favorite daily mantras, or you can use the blank cards to add your own personal mantra! 

With Mantras  ||  Blank Cards to add your own Mantras 

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14 Responses to Everyday Boss: Maintaining a Healthy Balance { + free printable daily mantra cards}

  1. Jenn says:

    I have seen these in the store and have been thinking about trying them. They look and sound like the perfect snack for me to keep in my office.

  2. Joely Smith says:

    I love the mantra cards! How could I have not known about the Granola Cups though!??? I need and I mean NEED to try these ASAP!

  3. Jeanine says:

    Oh cool! I’ve never seen those type of cards before! I think I will have to print some off I think I could use some right about now too! Those granola cups are so good I got some at Costco and my kids don’t like them so score!

  4. Sue Reddel says:

    Making a list is really important to me too. I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached, so it’s really key for me to write every little thing down. I can really appreciate having good tasting snacks nearby makes it a lot easier to keep working.

  5. Nikki says:

    Oooh, lots of yummy new treats from Nature Valley! I haven’t seen them yet, I’ll have to check the next time I go to the store. The Granola Cups look absolutely delicious! I love your daily mantra cards, too, such a great way to focus on the positive!

  6. Brett Martin says:

    Balance is the key to all things, I believe. I have found that keeping some coloring stuff in a bag in the car helps keep me a little more balanced- when I’m sitting or waiting on something it’s a little way for me to kind of refresh myself and have a little relaxation.

    Also, the cocoa almond butter snacks are awesome because we can send them to school for snacks. We’re a peanut free school…..

  7. I love a good printable and anything inspirational is welcome. I have pinned these for later as well, so cool! Thanks for sharing and I have to pick up some of these snacks and stock up. This is the time of year where I like to have everything on hand and take less trips out in the cold.

  8. I LOVE THESE!! Now that I am working from home, i have to find ways to make sure I eat through out the day, seems like I forget every day! lol silly i know. So I enjoy these during the afternoon when I get hungry. Balance is really important.

  9. Ali Rost says:

    I feel you on the struggle for balance and it seems like a never-ending quest. For me, I’ve started saying no to more things and only putting those on my plate that I truly want to work on. It’s helped a lot. I’m also a list keeper and have started only putting a few things at the very top instead of working myself to death trying to accomplish more and more. I haven’t yet tried a daily mantra, but it’s a fantastic idea! x

  10. Mike says:

    Those peanut granolla bars look amazing. And Peanut Butter is one of my favorite foods….couldn’t ask for a better combination.

  11. Thanks for sharing the cards. Cards seem to be going away but I still like giving and receiving them.

  12. M. says:

    Thank you for the cards. They are quite lovely. It was most kind and generous of you to share such loveliness!

  13. Nicole says:

    These biscuits sound like a delicious way to start the day. Thank you for sharing the daily mantra cards! Stopping by from the #HomeMattersParty link up.

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