Working from home and being an every day boss? Creativity is key! Not to mention important for any business, espeically a home based one! We’re talking all about how to Boost Your Creativity for Better Business and a Happier Life!

Everyday Boss: Boost Your Creativity for Better Business and a Happier Life

Creativity is all around us and each of us has the ability to be creative – it’s just a part of who we are. For some, creativity just seams to flow naturally, for others its a coonstant struggle. If the latter is the case for you and creativity seems challenging, it doesn’t have to be! All you need to do is train yourself to be creative! Believe it or not, it can be as simple as practicing your powers of observation and becoming better aware of your surroundings.

Here are some tips you can try that will help you improve your observation skills that will in turn help you boost your creativity.

Pay attention to details – this one requires you to slow down and be mindful about what you’re doing and where you are. For example, when you get dressed, pay attention to what you do first, second and so on. When you leave your house, look at and notice the color of the door. Little things like this will help you learn to be present in the moment, no matter what you’re doing and this can carry over into creativity. When you’re mindful of what you’re doing, you see things in a different light and your creativity begins to come alive.

Everyday Boss: Boost Your Creativity for Better Business and a Happier Life

Do something different – sometimes all it takes to not only hone your observation skills, but to also to boost your creativity, is to simply take the time to do something different. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or expensive like running off and taking an exotic vacation. It can be something as simple as visiting a new local spot, one you haven’t been to before. When you do something new, you’re more aware of what’s going on around you because you’re paying closer attention while observing what it is you see, smell, hear, feel and taste.

Go to a park, coffee shop or some other public place with a pen and notepad – this one is fun because people watching can be very interesting (its one of my favorite ways to kick start a new creative streak!). Set aside some time to head to a nearby park (or anywhere public) and observe those around you. Pay attention to how they walk, what they’re wearing, and how they interact with others.

As you observe them, begin to write down different details. Pay attention to your senses and write about things you see, hear and smell. Don’t spend too much time thinking, just write whatever pops into your head. Again, not only does this help you improve your observation skills, it helps you learn to focus and be mindful of what’s going on around you. And as you do this exercise and begin writing, you’ll start using those creative thinking brain muscles that need to be exercised.

Everyday Boss: Boost Your Creativity for Better Business and a Happier Life

Being mindful and observant is a skill we can all improve upon. Too often we go through life missing many of the details, but if you make it a point to notice what’s happening around you, you’ll soon find many creative ways to use what you learn in your writing, artwork, or other creative endeavors.

How do you boost your creativity when you’re in a slump?


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7 Responses to Every Day Boss: Boost Your Creativity for Better Business and a Happier Life

  1. Heather says:

    When I was studying music composition in college, I definitely had to learn how to be creative “on demand” so to speak. These tips are great, and I LOVE that they will work regardless of what kind of creative work you’re trying to create, whether it’s blog writing, music, art, anything. These tips will work regardless.

  2. Hello Jennifer! This is a topic that I have been working/struggling with. I really appreciate your thoughts and tips. I need to keep practicing this skill. Thanks!

  3. Maureen says:

    These are great tips! I have started being mindful and just listen and look to things around me. Surprisingly, it works to get the creative juices flowing! It does take practice so that one is always a work in progress.

    Maureen |

  4. Theresa says:

    Creativity is so important. Great tips. Thanks for sharing your post with us at the Inspiration Spotlight party @DearCreatives.

  5. Amanda says:

    Some great advice on creativity! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Stephanie Z says:

    Thanks for all of these tips! I work from home and love being creative, but sometimes I do hit a “slump.”

  7. Calvin says:

    Creativity is important in everyday life! I believe we should never stop creating

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