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The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home; it’s where you cook, eat, and can be the place that you hang out with your family and friends after a long week at work, or doing that never-ending list of stuff. Therefore, it’s crucial that your kitchen space has all the function you need to make and store everything your need to enjoy your meals, and provides an interior style in which you’re comfortable and proud to have. It can be a space to bake and cook, for yourself and others, entertain on a Friday night, and if you love it enough; somewhere to spend quality chillout time (if you get any). The following are some of the key areas that can make all the difference to how your kitchen is performing for you, and you may want to consider them if your culinary environment needs an upgrade.



Think About Those Surroundings


As your walls and floor space surround you each time you’re in your kitchen; they’re going to have a huge effect on the ambience and feel of the room. Therefore, taking each surface into consideration is a crucial part of creating a considered, design-led interior. When it comes to tiling the floor, walls, or splash-backs behind the sink; try to exude your personality and style. If you favour neutral tones and crisp white tiles; you can still add design details by using a hexagonally shaped tile, or perhaps a metallic finish to random tiles, or even a darker colored grout in a gray hue. A neutral palette when it comes to tiling does not mean your kitchen will be boring, just remember to think about the extra detailing that you could incorporate, for a designer feel. There are options to have a metallic or a colored grout now; this could be a design feature and a subtle way to highlight the shape of your chosen tiles.


Colored and patterned tiles are a bolder statement, and an excellent way to tie in a theme, or just to show off your interior style when you’re into your kitchen remodeling journey. Moroccan or Spanish tiles could be a great addition to a kitchen with warm, rustic tones and textures, and your tagine would look amazing against a hand-painted ceramic background. Maybe your kitchenette is a 1950s diner dream, and your tiles can bring in pastel ice cream colours, or a classic black and white checkered pattern; perfect for sipping milkshakes and listening to Elvis. The possibilities are endless, and who says you can’t have fun in the space? Especially if you plan to entertain in there on a regular basis.


When it comes to painting and wallpapering the rest of your wall space; take into consideration how busy, or plain, your tiles and kitchen accessories are. You don’t want colors to clash (or, maybe you do), or space to be overwhelmed by too many patterns and textures, and you may still want to display art on your walls, so bear that in mind. Your walls and flooring should complement your tiles, and the rest of the items in your kitchen; lighter and neutral hues are an excellent companion to any interior design features you wish to incorporate into your kitchen. Also, picking out a particular accent shade from a decorative tile is a successful way of tying a room together, and giving it a well-thought-out appearance. Think about the cooking, baking, and activities you’ll be doing in your new kitchen space. You’ll need surfaces to be easy to clean (spillages are going to happen), so perhaps leave the carpets for another room in the house.




Ensure You’ve Got Plenty Of Storage


Cabinets and storage spaces are an obvious functional element to your kitchen; however, they can still provide the space with decorative and design details, that will enrich the overall feel of your interior. Cupboard doors and handles can have pretty designs, to complement the theme of your space. Consider painting your cabinets with a light hue that you’ve picked out from a tile, or one of your beloved kitchen accessories; or, keep them sleek and understated, so that the rest of your cooking space can shine. Ornate and characterful door knobs and handles are a fun way to bring in your personality and tie your drawers and storage spaces into the palette and theme of the environment.


Whether your shelves are a sleek white shade, rustic wooden surfaces, or brightly painted to match your cupboards; what you display on them can make all the difference. If there are foods that you constantly use, like cereals, or baking ingredients; consider decanting them into glass mason jars, or retro tins and canisters, so they can become a design element to your kitchen and are easily reached for. Neatly stacked bowls and carefully arranged glassware can also look beautiful in a row on your shelving, so why not bring them out your cabinets and display them with pride. And, don’t forget to have your latest cookbook to hand; books are colorful and useful additions to any surface space.


It might be worth chatting to a professional when it comes to those kitchen cupboards; there are now an array of ingenious designs that will help you make the most of every corner and nook. If you have a smaller kitchen space, savvy storage solutions will be key to you enjoying the environment, and cooking with ease.



Sort Out The Waterworks


The area where you wash up and clean your muddy vegetables can provide just as much style as it does function. Taps and sinks come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and finishes, so you’ll be able to find something that suits your kitchen space perfectly. You don’t have to stick to a traditional stainless steel sink if you don’t want to, although, if you’re after an industrial theme, they’re worth considering. You could look into a matte black finish to your sink or a classic ceramic basin that would look great in any kitchen environment. For more ideas and inspiration, you can check an array of options online and decide on the style that’s right for you.


Your taps and any additional handheld rinsers (a fancy element to any sink) can also reflect the period and style of your property, and there a vast array to choose from. Whether you want a brushed copper finish with separate handles or an uber-modern black tap with a single lever, your taps should stand out and incorporate well within their surrounding environment. If you’ve never actually considered how taps can complement an interior, it can be a pleasant surprise when you’ve decided to invest.


If you’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher (one of the best inventions ever), then you might struggle to find one that enriches your kitchen space. However, you can always add a door to the front of it, so it simply blends in with the rest of the storage space. Or, pop a rail and a decorative (or plain) fabric curtain across it, so that it’s out of sight and doesn’t ruin the look you want to achieve. Although, in some cases, a dishwasher may complement an interior, especially if the kitchen is a stainless steel, industrial space that belongs to a budding chef or culinary enthusiast. The fabric curtains can be kept for cozy spaces, that need a homely feel.



Think About Comfort And Entertaining Your Guests


If you have a kitchen-diner space, then your table and chairs will be a major focal point within the room. Rustic and vintage kitchens can provide the backdrop to have an eclectic mix of chairs, and your table doesn’t need to match any of them. If you’ve chosen a heavy wooden table, or perhaps you’ve created it yourself, using an old door and some legs, you’ll have the freedom to invest in various chairs as you find them. Check out online auction sites, charity shops, and vintage stores, to find some seating gems; you can clean them up or paint them to fit in with the rest of your kitchen environment. Adding decorative cushions and tablecloths are another way to incorporate any colour palettes, patterns, and themes, that you have happening in the other areas of your room, so start soft-furnishing shopping now.



For Modern and sleek kitchen areas, you might want to consider a polished, matching table and chairs in a neutral finish; they will tie in with your cupboards, and give a clean, minimalist edge to space. Perhaps your chair could match each other, but be in a different hue to the table, to add a little more intrigue and design personality to your dining area. And, again, don’t be afraid to add a bit of pattern; maybe a striped or geometric design, on your seat cushions and covers, would bring in color and still complement a modern feel. Whatever you pick for your kitchen space, try and consider how each element will look with the others, so you’ll have a room you’ll always want to hang out in (and cook, of course).


What is your favorite part of your kitchen?

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