I fell in love with bullet journaling because of its simplicity. The original bullet journal was a super simplistic analog system for keeping track of tasks, appointments, and random thoughts. It was an organizational tool and for most of us it is still just that. But because the basic idea is so simple and beautiful, it can also become a creative outlet for you. And it has for me!

Give your bullet journal a personal touch. In other words, let out your creative side and have fun with your bullet journal!


Quite a few creative bullet journalers use their notebooks as an art journal in addition to keeping track of their daily tasks. They look forward to creating beautiful weekly or monthly spreads to track appointments and play with pretty hand drawn fonts for their daily headers. I’ve started getting more and more creative with my lists and daily to-do’s as I’ve been going!

If you enjoy drawing or practicing handwriting, consider using your bullet journal as a daily creative outlet. In addition to keeping track of your day, you can spend a few minutes here and there to add a little drawing or try out a pretty new font. Its great to doodle a little as you plan things for the day in your bullet journal.

Get out your water colors on the weekend and create pretty backgrounds for the pages you will fill up throughout your work week. Collect ticket stubs and other memento’s, print out some pictures, or use stickers and washi tape to create pages that are as useful as they are beautiful. Planner Stickers and Washi Tape are probably my favorite.


You can even turn your bullet journal into a scrapbook of sorts that not only captures what you need to get done, but also provides a stunning record of what you’ve done for posterity. Keep it for yourself or share it with your loved ones down the road. No matter what you decide to do, your bullet journal will become a way to capture memories for years to come.


How creative you get with your journal is entirely up to you and the mediums you use are almost endless. If you find it fun and helpful, go for it. Don’t be afraid to experiment or mess up. It’s a journal after all and there’s beauty in imperfection.

For inspiration for your creative journal pages look no further than the internet. You’ll find a thriving community of fellow artsy bullet journalers on YouTube and Instagram. Get new ideas and try new techniques by joining in the fun. I love exploring #bulletjournaladdict on instagram and twitter. I’ve found some great inspiration and even a few awesome hacks and list ideas.

Oh! And don’t forget about the creative opportunities the cover pages of your bullet journal offer. Try out some decoupage, sew a custom cover, or get out those leather tooling tools to give your bullet journal a personal touch. In other words, let out your creative side and have fun with your bullet journal!

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