Have I mentioned yet that Fall is one of my favorite seasons? Maybe just once or twice already, but its true!! ¬†There is something about the cooler weather and the beautiful leaves changing colors that is so romantic! Its the perfect time of year for snuggling up and spending time with your loved one! Whether you’re dating, engaged, or even married, and no matter what your ages, every couple really enjoys date night! There is so many things to do in the Fall because so many things happen in this season, like Halloween and Thanksgiving! Here are just a few simple fall date night ideas that are perfect for everybody’s favorite season!
5 Perfect Fall Date Ideas from BusyBeingJennifer.com
-Haunted House:¬† Haunted Houses are so much fun to go to and they usually open sometime in September and don’t close until early November, making plenty of time for you to attend all sorts of different Haunted Houses! They are great to go to because they are fun, thrilling, and the perfect way to snuggle up close to your loved one because you need some comfort for being scared!
-Carve Pumpkins: Carving Pumpkins is such a fun, cheap date for me at least! I love the fact that you can go pick up some pumpkins for just a small amount of money and you get a great amount of time to spend together while you carve and decorate them! You can create whatever designs you want from your tradition jack-o-lantern pattern, or your favorite characters, or even you and your significant others initials! You can even roast the pumpkin seeds after you finish carving for a delicious snack when you finish up the pumpkins!
-Scary Movie Marathon: Scary Movies are one of my favorite types of movies! Especially around the Fall Season and Halloween time! I think they are just a bit better, a bit scarier, and just seems more perfect when it’s around the Fall Season! Another perfect excuse to cuddle up close to your crush and have a great time! A Scary Movies Marathon is the perfect date for staying in on a cool night to enjoy some hot chocolate and popcorn!
-Have a Bonfire: Being that the weather is getting cooler, I find that Bonfires are perfect for the occasion! You can have a simple outdoor bonfire just the two of you, or you could even invite other couples and make it a little couples party! Bonfires are great for warming you up when it’s a bit chilly outside, but you can also make s’mores and have some delicious treats as well!
-Go to a Pumpkin Patch: Another great thing to do during the Fall season with your loved one is to go to the pumpkin patch! Pumpkin patches are so much fun because you can pick out your own pumpkin, and sometimes pumpkin patches also have rides, petting zoos, and mazes! Great for a day filled with fun hanging out with the one you love most!
I hope these fall date night ideas inspire some fall fun with the one you love! Whats your favorite date night idea?
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7 Responses to Fall Date Night Ideas

  1. Melissa D says:

    My husband and I fell in love in fall (11 years ago!), so it’s definitely my favorite season for “dating.” Just holding hands in the crisp, cool weather is better!

  2. Chicki says:

    Super cute date ideas for the fall! It’s the best hugging weather!

  3. Bianca says:

    All super cute ideas!! Thank you

  4. Becki S says:

    Can’t wait to hit up our local pumpkin patch and then carve pumpkins. We did a corn maze last year that was a blast too!

  5. Patti Tucker says:

    I’m a sucker for an adult drink by a bonfire (or firepit).

  6. Jessica A says:

    I can’t wait for cooler weather! Thanks for sharing!

  7. maddj68 says:

    All super ideas! Thanks

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