Over the past year or two I’ve discovered a new found love for working out! It makes me feel great, helps me handle stress and has the obvious benefits of helping with weight loss. Working out on a daily basis is not only great for your physical health, but also for your mental health, so putting yourself in the right mindset from the beginning is the right way to start. I can’t always get to the gym here in town, so I work out at home! AND I can diffuse essential oils, helping create the right atmosphere, depending on whether I need to feel calm and collected or pumped up and motivated. Every essential oil has a different way of enhancing or changing our mood when added to a diffuser and you get the added benefit of a great smelling home gym.

 Essential Oils to Diffuse in Your Home Gym - BusyBeingJennifer.com

Use these essential oils in your home gym to help create the atmosphere that you need to help you through a workout.

Peppermint Essential Oil

This essential oil is great to diffuse in your home gym for three reasons. First it opens up the nasal passages and allows you to breathe better when you are mid-workout. That same open feeling also creates a mood lifting atmosphere in the gym that is uplifting and encouraging and you go through your daily paces. Finally, peppermint is a great natural air freshener, keeping your home gym smelling fresh.


Lavender Essential Oil

Diffuse lavender if you want to create a sense of calm while you are working out, so for routines that include yoga, barre exercises and stretching. Its ability to calm and soothe means that you increase your concentration and focus while exercising, which is important in preventing accidents due to frustration or distraction. The fragrance can’t be beat either, giving your home gym a wonderful aroma of flowers that lasts for hours.


Geranium Essential Oil

Another uplifting and mood enhancing essential oil, geranium is also a floral, but a lot lighter than lavender. Diffuse this oil alone or blending with other oils to improve mental health and help you push through those hard workouts that you just want to quit. As a natural deodorant, geranium keeps both you and the room smelling fresh all day long. Many individuals actually use geranium essential oil as a natural body deodorant, because it is sweat out of the body as you workout.


Lemon Essential Oil

All citrus essential oils are stimulating and invigorating, and lemon essential oil is one of the best. In a home gym, it promotes a can do atmosphere helping to relieve stress and tension as you work through long stretches of repetitive routines. The aroma perks you right up, increasing your awareness and boosting both your brain and your body.

Do you use essential oils in your home? Have you ever tried diffusing them while working out? What are your favorite essential oils?

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12 Responses to Essential Oils to Diffuse in Your Home Gym

  1. Kathleen says:

    I have never used essential oils in my home, but I have used Lavender at night to help me relax…I have heard great things about lemon and peppermint too. Didn’t know about geranium…Very cool and thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve never used essential oils but everyone who has raves about them. I may have to give them a try, anything that can motivate me more when working out sounds good to me.

  3. I love using essential oils. Thanks for posting.

  4. Lauren Spann says:

    Since hurting my knee, I have been using panaway on my knee and hip flexor! I wish I knew more about them…keep these kind of posts coming 🙂

    Southern Elle Style

  5. Inviting you to fabulous Friday to share your essential oils which I love, thanks maria

  6. JT Wisdom says:

    I use essential oils for my hair and body but never for exercising. I have to try this.

  7. I would have never thought of using oils when you work out… Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty – we’re looking forward to what you have to share next week. 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  8. Thank you for joining our Oh My Heartsie Girl Wordless Wednesday Link Party.. I absolutely love essential oils, citrus flavours are my favourite! thank you for sharing! Have a great day, co-host Evija @Fromevijawithlove

  9. I love essential oils! How have I never thought of doing this?

    Thanks for linking up with Share the Wealth Sunday!

  10. Hello beautiful! Great post. Pinned and tweeted. I hope to see you on Monday at 7pm because we love to party with you! Happy Memorial Day! Lou Lou Girls

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