With the new year here, I am challenging myself, to commit one random act of kindness a week for 2015! Want to join in on the fun? I’ve got a list of 34 ideas for acts of kindness to get us started!

34 Acts of Kindness for 2015 - BusyBeingJennifer.com

Take some extra canned goods to the food bank

Add some change to a parking meter about to expire

Let someone in front of you when there is heavy traffic

Say ‘Bless You’ to a stranger who sneezes. Offer a tissue if you can.

Support local restaurants when you eat out and tip generously

Support your friends and family by attending an event with them, even if it isn’t something you like

Pay for the person behind you at the coffee shop or drive thru

Read to the elderly, or just volunteer at a nursing home

Tell the manager at a store or restaurant when you have gotten great service

Have special talents, like sewing, cooking or fixing things? Share your gifts with someone that can’t pay

Write a thank you note and mail a care package to a service man or women over seas

Leave extra change at the Laundromat

Give a donation at the animal shelter to cover the adoption fees for an animal in need

Just smile at people!

Say thank you to the harried clerk at the grocery store

Surprise a friend with a gift card in the mail

Give your leftover gift card to another shopper in line

Thank a veteran

Give out at least 3 compliments a day

Donate to a disaster relief fund

Knit a scarf, or make a blanket to donate or give to a friend

Volunteer at the local animal shelter

Organize a toy drive in your neighborhood

Donate old sports equipment so a child will be able to play

Bring a treat into work to share with your coworkers

Adopt a family in your community for the holidays

If you are able, leave a bigger than normal tip for the hard-working waiter or waitress

Leave a positive message on a sticky note on a mirror in a public restroom

Send a care package to someone in college

Have a garage sale and donate the funds to your favorite charity

Take a meal to someone who is ill or elderly

Use coupons to stock up on essentials and donate them to a homeless shelter

Send flowers to a friend who could use a little cheering up

No Act of Kindness is ever too small - BusyBeingJennifer.com

I’ve already dropped a few notes with gift cards in the mail for some friends that could use a little pick me up. This week I am hoping to pay for the person behind me in the coffee shop. Have you done any random acts of kindness this year? What is your favorite idea?

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2 Responses to 34 Acts of Kindness for 2015

  1. Natalie Brown says:

    Such a lovely goal. I think my favorite is paying the adoption fee for a pet at a shelter. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Beth W says:

    Great idea! Small acts of kindness are the only gift I know of that grow with the giving. The ripple effect is amazing to watch, and be a part of. Well done, you!

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