Yep those words came out of my mouth last night. Like I was some sort of temper tantrum throwing 2 year old. What the What? I’m an almost 30 year old woman, freaking out at her husband cause he wanted me to put the cell phone away so he could talk to me and actually have me pay attention. Not one of my finest moments. So today, I am facing my phone addiction.

Facing my phone addiction.

It never used to be this way. Heck I didn’t even have a cell phone until I was 23. But now… well now I have a problem. I even take my phone with me into the bathroom! Cause you just never know when someone is going to tweet me or comment on a intagram post or ask me a question on facebook or send me a request on candy crush (which is a whole other addiction issue of its own).Here’s a scary example of my phone addiction: while in the midst of writing the last 160ish words of this post I’ve stopped and checked my instagram/twitter/facebook on my phone… 3 times. THREE FREAKING TIMES!

I think its safe to say that I have just a tiny little bit of an addiction to my phone. Just a tiny one though *insert sarcasm here*

I found this when I googled “phone addict”… I’m not 100% sure the stats are still accurate… but you’ll get the point.


Scary right? I said yes to 8 out of the 9 scenarios!  Houston we have a problem!


Good Night! I’ve turned into a phone zombie!

What brought on this startling bit of self-realization? Well I didn’t know what to post about today… so I looked at my writing prompts that I keep lying around… “What is something you could never giveaway?” First thought – my fabric “collection”. Second thought – MY PHONE!! Then my brain started remembering last night and all the times my hubs has made comments about me “ALWAYS” being on my phone.

Well… if I am being honest with myself, which apparently is what I am doing in this post, I am always on my phone. Sometimes I have to charge it twice in a day. TWICE! If that’s not a big’ole flashing neon warning sign I don’t know what is! The Huffington Post has a whole bunch of articles about cell phone addiction, and I’m pretty much a poster child for phone addiction.

Ok… obviously some life, marriage and possibly even soul saving steps are in order!

Here’s my plan:

1. Turn the phone OFF at night. Like actually off off.
2. If hubby is up/at home (damn you night shift) then the phone stays plugged in, and not in my hands. If I want to check it I will get up, go into the kitchen check for 3 minutes max, and go back to hubby… with out the phone! *shudder* Typically this means from 3 to 6 pm I won’t be on my phone like white on rice. If you need me and you have the number, you’ll have to call.
3. Turn off/leave the phone in another room when its time to work on blog stuff. In fact I should probably make this a rule for all social media stuff. Then maybe it won’t tale me 47 hours to write one single blog post.
4. Be present in the every day. I’m going to try to focus on MY life/blog/business and not so much on everyone elses.


Now all of this doesn’t mean that I won’t be sharing awesome pictures of my favorite coffee mugs on instagram or laughing/commenting at twitter drama (Oh my lanta that’s a whole other 5 part series) it just means that when there are humans around to pay attention too, I’m going to try to *Gasp!* focus on them.

Lets see how all this goes shall we? You can bet your lucky socks that I’ll be letting you know how my phone addiction is doing sometime soon 🙂

Do you have a cell phone addiction too? Maybe we should start a support group!

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12 Responses to Its Mine! aka facing my phone addiction

  1. LOVE! This one, especially the info-graphics. I HATE it when my husband has his phone out at the dinner table. I NEVER do that. I am more addicted to my laptop, but I need to cut back when the family is around. I will admit that waiting with the kids is easier with their electronic devices. New parents will never know the joy of "Are we there yet?"

  2. Krissy H says: husband says that to me ALL the time – in fact, I have already forwarded him your post =)
    It is soo hard not to be on my phone 24/7 – the worst part is I can go to bed at 11 get on my phone to check Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc, then I turn around and it's 1 a.m.!
    I'm definitely addicted too!

  3. I actually have a post scheduled similar to this for tomorrow! I definitely have an addiction to my iPhone and turning off push notifications (which is what my post is mostly about) has helped TREMENDOUSLY! It REALLY annoys me that my husband is addicted to Twitter. He is on it ALL.THE.TIME. I've banned it from the supper table, but he won't get the hint to stay off of it when we're trying to watch a movie. I think it's so rude – I stopped that a long time ago.

  4. Kelly says:

    I would not call mine an addiction but this is a great reality check!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. Jessica says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I'm a little bit of an addict. However not as much as I am a blogger addict! Thanks for posting! New fan from the Owl's Skull 🙂

    The Wondering Brain

  6. Alice says:

    Haha!! I think blogging makes it worse, constantly checking if you have new updates on the blog etc. I am right there with ya! I'm pretty sure it drives my husband nuts LOL. Thanks for linking this up! Much love, Alice @ The Owl's Skull

  7. Diane says:

    I think many people are becoming addicted. We have to be careful not to neglect who is with us in the moment, like our children and our spouse. Thanks for sharing at The Gathering Spot this week. Enjoy your Sunday!

  8. […] I’ve actually surprised myself with my self discipline in regards to my iPhone addiction! I’ve stuck to my no phone while hubby is home and awake rule and I’m pretty proud of […]

  9. Alice says:

    Featuring this at The Owl's Skull tonight for the Hop because it is so damn hilarious and it hits so close to home. Stop by:). Jess (aka Alice)

  10. Sarah M says:

    It's hard but you have just inspired me to maybe do a few hours a night off, where all of us (including the 11 year old) turn off our phones!

  11. […] convicted about how much time I spend online/on my phone. I’ve admitted before, that I have a smart phone addiction… its rarely out of my hands… its something I constantly struggle with. Its easy to get […]

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