Top Things to do in Philly

Heading to Philly soon? You’re going to love all the options available and things to do in Philly. From great dining to plenty of activities, you will never be bored in Philly, there is just too much fun stuff to participate in.

Check out the Rocky Statue

If you want to see something out of the ordinary in Philly, then stop by the Rocky Statue. This statue is a monumental thing to see while in Philly. Of course, you need to take a moment to run up the Rocky stairs. Yes, you can even punch your fists around if it makes you feel that much more like Rocky. This is an attraction that’s great for the whole family. Each generation needs to pass down their knowledge of Rocky!

Head to Independence Hall

If you’ve ever wondered about the nation you live in and where it got its start, then you’re heading to the right city. Head to Independence Hall and get a look at the birthplace of the USA’s Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Getting an up close and personal tour of Independence Hall will surely give you some perspective on how we got our freedom in this country.

Benjamin Franklin Parkway

You have probably heard of Benjamin Franklin, so why not visit Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philly? You can’t deny that this is a artistic “mile” and there is a lot to see. The Franklin Institute and the Rodin Museum are two very important cultural institutions you’ll find on Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

The Liberty Bell Center

One place you can’t miss, when you’re in Philly is The Liberty Bell Center. We’re talking historic documents and images and an up close and

personal view! The famous bell you’ll see is also worth the trip to Philly. The Liberty Bell plays a great significance in American history, so don’t miss your chance to see the Liberty Bell in an up close and personal meeting.

Food & Drink

You can’t possibly walk around Philly without getting a whiff of the delicious food. The food and drink options available in Philly are amazing. Check out some of the top restaurants in Philly!

* The Dandelion

* Tatula’s Garden

* Parc

* Buddakan

Getting your car serviced at a dealership, before you go to Philly, is always a good idea. You get to make sure your car is 100% ready to take a road trip and you get peace of mind. What is going to be the first thing you do in Philly when you go?

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