A Weekend in Philadelphia


Who would say no to a weekend in Philadelphia? Not me. In fact, there is so much to do there that it takes some planning. A weekend in Philadelphia is something that won’t be forgotten any time soon, so make it special. If you’re looking for a fun weekend away, head to Philadelphia! Here are the things to do, while you’re in this beautiful city.

Sight See the Liberty Bell

It’s not every day that you get to see the Liberty Bell, while in Philadelphia. Make this stop! The Liberty Bell is an iconic piece of American history. You are truly in the presence of American history when you visit the Liberty Bell. You’re also going to find out why the Liberty Bell is cracked.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Art is an awesome part of life and not something that is lacking in Philadelphia. Head to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to get a first look at what art has looked like in the past and the present in that area. You can get a look at the different art collections available. Beauty, enchantment, and history are all ways to describe what you’ll experience while visiting this art museum.

Franklin Court is a Must

Franklin Court is one of those places you can head to and check out a multitude of attractions. We’re talking museums, structures, and historic sites. A complete one stop shop for anyone who’s spending a weekend in Philly and doesn’t have a lot of time to go to and fro. All of this is located within the Independence National Historical Park in Philly.

Boathouse Row

A really cool scene to check out while you’re spending a weekend in Philadelphia is by going to Boathouse Row. You will see local boating clubs lining up to take pride in their 19th century boathouses. It’s quite a scene to see this historic structures utilized. When the night sky hits, you

won’t believe the view. Boathouse Row, without a doubt, is something you must see while in Philly for the weekend.

Don’t forget, before you hit the road to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the weekend, get your car serviced. Hitting up all these attractions will be fun, but you’ll need a reliable car to get you through. Have your car serviced at the dealership before your upcoming weekend in Philadelphia.

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