How to Get the Most Money on Your Trade-ins!

How to Get the Most Money on Your Trade-ins

When it’s time to trade in a vehicle, you want to get the most money you possible can for it. However, this doesn’t always seem to be the case. Most dealerships won’t give you what your trade-in is worth. Which is why we’re different. We’ll show you how to get the most money on your trade-ins.

Know what your car is worth

Most people don’t get the true value of their vehicle during a trade-in because they have no clue what the value of their vehicle is. Do some research and get a good idea of what your car is worth. There are tons of resources on the Internet to help you figure out the true cost of your vehicle. While the total cost may not be completely accurate, at least you have an idea!

Take care of your vehicle

If you are driving around a hunk of junk that is probably what you will get for your trade-in value. Take care of your vehicle the entire time you have it! It will be well worth your effort to take good care of your vehicle in every aspect. Keep it clean, get routine maintenance, and change the tires when needed.

Talk to different dealerships

You should know that you can call or even go into a dealership and they will give you an estimate of the trade in value. Of course, the trade in value is never worth what you want for it, which is why it’s good to get an idea.


You can get the most money on your trade by negotiating the trade-in value. Just because they tell you it’s worth $700, it doesn’t mean you need to settle for that. Spend some time trying to get more out of your vehicle from the dealership, it will be way worth it in the end.

Most of the time, the trade-in is just a part of the sale. The dealership doesn’t want to lose you over a trade-in. Keep in mind that the price of the car and the trade-in all factor into the price of the vehicle. Know your car’s value, don’t be afraid to negotiate, and take good care of your vehicle. These are all ways to get the most money on your trade!

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