I am so not a gardener…

But I’m going to give it a try!!! For at least the last 3 years I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to try planting a small garden. Just big enough for a few plants and herbs. We talked about different ideas back then, but we never actually got around to DOING the initial work to set up a garden.

Last year I got some herbs and kept them in containers on the back step… I kept those alive just fine! Which I think the Hubs was actually a little surprised by. And if I’m being honest, I was a little surprised too. I enjoyed the heck out of the fresh basil and mint that was practically at my finger tips when I was cooking!

And yet, I still found myself saying “I am so not a gardener”.

I am so not a gardener! But I'm going to try!

Except… its too late to back out now! When we were at Tractor Supply this weekend, I stumbled across a stackable raised garden bed kit and mentioned it to my hubby. His reply “If you want it, get it!”

Ummm… OK!

And I did.

And picked out 5 different kinds of vegetables and a couple herbs.

And a peony root.

And some lavender seeds.

If I’m ever going to get over my “I’m so not a gardener” issues, I’m going to have to do it by jumping ALL in!

And so we jumped! We spent our Saturday setting up the raised bed kit, digging holes for dirt, buying dirt, watering, raking, mixing, planning and planting! I was more than a little happy when my in laws asked if we wanted to go out to dinner with them! I was wiped out!

But its going to be worth it in the end! At least I think it will be… we’ll see won’t we?

I am so not a gardener... but I'm going to give it a try!

And you can be sure I’ll be sharing this whole gardening journey here on the blog, facebook and instagram! I might even snapchat about it!  😀

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