As a kid I dreamed of waking up on Christmas morning with at puppy or kitten under the tree with a bow on its head… you know like in the commercials! A Christmas kitten was at the top of my wish list this year. In fact it was pretty much the ONLY thing on my wish list this Christmas!

Well Santa (aka my husband) came through with my Christmas kitten! Meet Pressly!

(short for WordPress… you know sticking with my blog themed names for our pets)

I ended up getting her a few days before Christmas, and there was no bow on her head, but thats ok. She’s mine now and thats all that matters.

We got her from her foster family, that took her in when she was just 4 weeks old from a local shelter. She was 7 weeks the day we got her and practically perfect. I’ve always wanted a totally black cat and I’m so excited to add her to our crazy little fur-family!

She’s already hamming it up for the camera and letting out her inner kitten model. (Her inner kitten model is most cooperative when she’s asleep 😀 )

It took a few days for the pups to get used to the idea of having a cat around this house. Buffer warmed up far quicker than Bitly did. But Bitly is the oldest, and most set in her feline free ways. After almost a week they’re still a little cautious around each other, but getting more comfortable every day. And as I type, they’re all curled up on the bed, separated by a few inches, but together nonetheless 🙂

My tiny little Christmas Kitten is the piece that was missing from our little fur family & Buffer’s new favorite snuggle buddy. I’m so glad I finally convinced the husband that we needed a little more fur-baby love in our lives!

AND of course this means lots of kitten and fur-baby shenanigans on the blog and snapchat and instagram! I hope you’ll follow along 🙂

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3 Responses to A Christmas Kitten

  1. Rosie says:

    ohhh I’m in luv!!! Pressly is so darlin’ and a true snuggle buddy, too. Lucky you!!!

  2. Dana Rodriguez says:

    How sweet!

  3. Patti says:

    Christmas kitteh!

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