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Oh coffee! Sweet nectar of the wakey-wakey gods, how I love you! In my opinion there is no better way to start the day than a hot cup of coffee and some to-do list writing 🙂 Unless of course its FANCY coffee and list writing! Some days a girl just needs some fancy coffee 😉

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Sign and basket! Perfect for Storing my new favorite FANCY coffee! Starbucks® Caffe Blend K-Cup® pods {ad} #StarbucksCaffeLatte #MyStarbucksatHome

I’ve got to tell you that I am SUPER excited to be celebrating the new Starbucks® Caffè Latte K-Cup® pods. And you know what that means? Fancy coffee that I can make at home! And my new favorite fancy coffee needs a pretty new home to live in… so I made myself a new DIY Farmhouse Coffee Sign to hang above my coffee bar!

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Sign and basket! Perfect for Storing my new favorite FANCY coffee! Starbucks® Caffe Blend K-Cup® pods {ad} #StarbucksCaffeLatte #MyStarbucksatHome

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Sign Supplies:

Solid wood piece (roughly 9 x 12 inches)
“Ivory” and “Ink” colored paint
Paintbrushes (one with a fine tip)
Computer and Printer
Small basket
Drill and Small Drill Bit


Step #1: Paint your solid wood piece in ivory. Let dry and then sand to distress as desired.

Step #2: Lay your basket where you want it secured to your wood piece. Mark where you want to drill your holes. Drill holes with drill bit only slightly larger than the wire you’ll be using.


Step #3: Using your favorite font and editing app, create a “Coffee” template for your sign. Or you can use this one. Print out at full size.

Step #4: On the back of your template,  color a thick layer of pencil over the text area. Then center the word template on your wood piece, right side up. If desired, tape in place so it doesn’t move. Using a pen, trace the outline of the word, leaving a pencil outline transferred onto the wood.


Step #5: Using a fine tipped paint brush, paint on your word, using the pencil outline as a guide. *Painting Tip: I found longer, steady strokes in a downward motion produced the smoothest edge on each letter. Move the wood piece around as needed.* Let Dry completely, then sand to distress if desired.

Step #6: Cut 4 inch pieces of wire and bend in half. Use them to secure the basket to your coffee sign. Twist securely on the backside of the sign and then hammer them flat.


Your DIY Farmhouse Coffee Sign is done! Now you can add string or wire to hang it over your coffee bar, or just set in near your coffee maker!

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Sign and basket! Perfect for Storing my new favorite FANCY coffee! Starbucks® Caffe Blend K-Cup® pods {ad} #StarbucksCaffeLatte #MyStarbucksatHome

So now that the DIY Farmhouse Coffee Sign is hanging, its time to get back to fixing our fancy coffee! And you will not believe just how easy it is to make these delicious Starbucks® Caffè Lattes!

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Sign and basket! Perfect for Storing my new favorite FANCY coffee! Starbucks® Caffe Blend K-Cup® pods {ad} #StarbucksCaffeLatte #MyStarbucksatHome

Step #1: Pour the flavor packet into the mug.

Step #2: Brew the Starbucks® Caffe Blend K-Cup® pod in your Keurig® brewer and stir to enjoy the beverage!

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Sign and basket! Perfect for Storing my new favorite FANCY coffee! Starbucks® Caffe Blend K-Cup® pods {ad} #StarbucksCaffeLatte #MyStarbucksatHome

See! I told you it was easy! Now lets talk about the delicious-ness:

These Starbucks® Caffè Latte K-Cup® Pods are made from milk, contain no artificial flavors and are available in 3 tasty flavors – Caramel, Mocha and Vanilla (Caramel is my favorite!), and for a limited time there are also 2 of your favorite Starbucks® seasonal flavors (Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint Mocha!) available. These easy and delicious Starbucks® Caffe Blend K-Cup® pods are available nation wide at your local grocery store 😀

Now its time to get your coffee sipping on and relax while you plan out your day! Whats your favorite way to start your day?



2016 Starbucks® Corporation. All rights reserved. Keurig, Keurig HOT, K-Cup and the K logo are trademarks of Keurig Green Mountain, Inc., used with permission.

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15 Responses to DIY Farmhouse Coffee Sign

  1. Now that is adorable!
    How hard would it be to hang this off of the wall?
    We have a space just above the coffee pot where this would look adorable too!
    What font did you use?

    • Jennifer says:

      Not hard! You could add to hooks to the top and string it that way, or drill holes and add string/wire. I’m probably just going to nail mine right into the wall! 😀

  2. I just love how that sign turned out! And I love the basket for the easy storage of the Starbucks® Caffè Latte K-Cup® Pods ! That is so clever! -client

  3. This coffee sign looks amazing! It is definitely something that my husband would like to have hanging over his coffee service at home. He loved Starbucks too, so I could probably include all of the coffee you put in yours and he would be thrilled.

  4. Caroline says:

    This turned out so great. It’s such a cute sign 😉 If I tried it would be a huge fail!

  5. That sign is so fun, Jennifer…and the basket is so practical and perfect. And I’m with ya…fancy coffee is the BEST! It fixes #alltheproblems. 😉 Loving your tutorial. Sounds fun to make!

  6. Kristy says:

    This is such a cute coffee station! What is it about fancy coffee that makes the whole day better? Your coffee sign is adorable! These would make great Christmas gifts for the coffee lovers in the family!

  7. Tatanisha W says:

    This is seriously adorable! This DIY sign would like great in my kitchen, right by my coffee stand. And, anything Starbucks is just a big LOVE over here! This sign also looks easy to make, I may have to give it a try. Thanks for the template too!

  8. krystal says:

    The mocha is sure to be my favorite flavor. I love ordering white chocolate mochas or mocha frapps from my Starbucks. It would be nice to make them at home! Love how you created that coffee sign too. Very creative!

  9. Censie says:

    So cute!! I need to spruce up our coffee corner in our kitchen, this would be a perfect addition. So easy to make but very cute. My fav flavor is white mocha for sure!

  10. aly mashrah says:

    I love this idea. We are huge coffee drinkers in my house so this would be such a cute craft to have around. And I love that you can use it too and that it is not just for show. So nice!

  11. Lily says:

    This is so stinkin’ cute! Too bad I’m horrible at anything DIY. LOL!
    xo, Lily

  12. Tana Floyd says:

    This is so cute and I like how your sign turned out!! So creative! Come join us at the Homesteader Hop

  13. Linda S says:

    I just told my daughter the other day I need some coffee art in my kitchen – and here you are sharing this terrific diy coffee art project! Love the tutorial – thanks so much!

  14. CUTE. Pinned. Featured at the party this week. Best wishes, Linda @Crafts a la mode

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