Indianapolis is in a potential stop over for many cross country road trips, and a stop I hope to make when I hit the road win the big truck with my Hubs!  For this reason, I wanted to look at things you can do for fun in Indianapolis!

fun in Indianapolis

Great fun in Indianapolis

Between St. Louis Missouri and Pittsburgh, PA,  you can find yourself in Indianapolis, Indiana on your way out west or to the northeast. With a small checklist, you can have fun on your Indianapolis stop over.

  • Nothing say Indianapolis like the Indy 500. Visit the track, book tickets to a race (if you plan in advance), or just book yourself some fun with race cars. If you decide to race your own car, you’ll likely need a tune up not only before your trip (always a good idea), but also in between as well! Oh, and street racing isn’t exactly safe and legal so you may get a ticket. Instead, keep it on the track!
  • Take an old World Gondolier for a spin. Okay, not a spin, but it can be relaxing and help you see more of the old-world Indiana. If you prefer to row yourself, there are Fun Boat Rental places as well.
  • Visit the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis for a fun day inside on a too hot day (or if you happen to be visiting on one of the rainy days)
  • On Maryland Avenue, grab a trolley tour of the city! Oh and on hot days, know that they have AC! Young kids especially love this, but just about anyone will love a trolley tour (available at 11 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm, Tuesday through Saturday)  if you spend the morning walking the various districts of Indy.
  • From Freedom Springs aquatics and Indy Island, to Caramel Clay parks and beyond, there are plenty of places to splash and play in Indianapolis. Just remember your swim suit (or visit one of the many malls to pick up a new one).
  • Visit the arts district. If you have kids into the arts, especially teens, this can be a great place to catch modern and traditional art, or even “Broadway in Indianapolis” shows.

 Indianapolis has plenty of fun to offer families who are just passing through. Whether you make it a day trip or stay over night, you’re bound to find fun in Indianapolis for the entire family!

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