I love to Read. I do. I do. I do! I might have even made up little jingles and ditties about my love of reading as a kid! My mother could never really “punish” me by sending me to my room because I ALWAYS had at least one spare book tucked away just in case. I would lose my self in far off lands in distant times, or go on adventures with my favorite characters. Losing myself in a book was, and still is, my favorite way to spend any spare time that I might have. I’ve always wanted a room solely for my books… and one day it will happen… in the mean time I content myself with a little corner library in my living room and this fun book page wall art!

Book Page Wall Art -BusyBeingJennifer.com #101handmadedays

Here’s what you need to make your own book page wall art:

An old book
Matte finish Mod Podge
Paint brush
Sponge brush
Quote or Saying printed out

Book Page Wall Art Supplies

Step 1: Rip up the book. *GASP* I know, normally I would never advocate for destroying a book, but in this case, the results are worth it. Besides, I ripped up an old, water damaged novel that I got from the thrift store for 5 cents. The matter damage and age of this book actually added some fantastic character to this book page wall art! Be sure to tear off the margins and titles, we really don’t want any blank page space seen.

Step 2: Bust out the Mod Podge. Spread that gluey goodness all around, layering book pages and mod podge all around the canvas. Be sure to flatten any bubbles or ripples that may occur with your fingers.

Cover the Canvas with book pages

Continue the mod podge / book page layering until the entire canvas is covered. Fold the over lapping pages around to the back and mod podge in place as well. Let it dry completely.

Step 3: Paint on your quote. There are all kinds of methods out there for adding a quote or specific image onto a canvas or art. If you’re lucky enough to have a die cutter like a cricuit or silhouette, you can just use vinyl.

I, however, am not that fortunate. So I use the “chalk method”. Simply rub a piece of chalk (preferably a contrasting color to the base you’ll be painting on) on the back side of your printed out quote/image. Make sure you’ve got a good thick layer of calk and that the whole design is covered. Then place your quote, chalk side down in the place you want it and trace over the printed image with a pen or pencil, pressing firmly Β to transfer the chalk.

Once you’ve transferred the chalk image, carefully paint your design using the chalk lines as a guide. A fine tipped paint brush is ideal for getting clean lines πŸ™‚

Book Page Wall Art -BusyBeingJennifer.com #101handmadedays

I am so madly and utterly in love with this book page wall art that I am seriously considering making at least 2 more with other book themed quotes!

Book Page Wall Art -BusyBeingJennifer.com #101handmadedays

What are your favorite book related quotes?


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6 Responses to 101 Handmade Days: Book Page Wall Art

  1. This is so cute! I love to use (overuse!) book pages and this is such a great idea! So glad you shared it!

  2. ennadoolf says:

    A great way to re-love a no longer readable book!

  3. What a great idea! Great upcycle. Visiting from Pretty Pintastic Party.

  4. Lisa says:

    I love this Jennifer! So simply and pretty… my favourite kind of project πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for linking this up to our Bewitchin’ Projects Block Party last week. You are one of my features tomorrow over at Recreated Designs. Hugs, Lisa

  5. I’m a big reader so this is right up my alley! Thanks for sharing with us on Throwback Thursday!


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