I’m Back! And oh what a fun weekend! I was at Sunset Quilt Retreat in Sunset, Texas for 2.5 glorious days of quilting, sewing, chatting with new friends, good food and more sewing!!

All set up and ready to go!


I was lucky enough to be one of the very first of the quilters to arrive… that meant that I got my pick of the bedrooms and sewing space. It didn’t take long to get set up and get to work start in on my first project. Of course that only lasted about 10 minutes… and then I realized that I had forgotten a critical piece. Waaaaahhhhhh!

Patchwork quilt top in progress..


This was the project I was the most excited to work on and the first thing I finished. I”m only going to share this sneak peek because I am hoping to have the whole quilt done in the next week or two and then I’ll share the finished quilt 🙂

Taking a break from all the sewing to chat with one of my besties


The weekend wasn’t all sewing… I took a break Friday afternoon to chat with a friend and then talk vacation plans with my Mom! She’ll be her this week and we’re gonna go do all kinds of fun stuff!

Working on my Louisa Bag


Friday night I started working on my Louisa Bag. It took a bit longer than I thought it would… but I wasn’t exactly focused lol. I made new friends this weekend and we were having quite a good time chatting about fabrics and quilting and techniques and checking out each others projects. We also had a trunk show from Debby Maddy of Calico Carriage. She brought some of her incredible quilts to oooooohhh and awwwww over, and we did! They were gorgeous!

Me and my favorite Sewing themed shirtSaturday morning dawned far too early, but I had lots to do and time was running out… So I had to get to work! By Lunch I had my Louisa Bag 90% finished (I’m doing the hand stitching this week when I’m home). And I had come to the conclusion that I was going to have to leave that evening. The forecast had changed and was calling for some pretty nasty weather starting early the next morning and I didn’t want to have to drive home in the ickiness.

Patching together some fabric for more Patchy Bears

I was sad to have to leave early, but I knew it was the best decision. So I shelved the remaining projects I had in mine and played with some of my scraps and put together some patchy bear bits and pieces.

All in all it was an awesome weekend! I really wish the weather would have cooperated so that I could have stayed at the quilt retreat that last night and gotten more projects done, but such is life! Besides, it gives me more time to work on shop and blog stuff before my Mom arrives for her visit!

I can’t wait to show you the finished projects in the next few weeks!

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5 Responses to Quilt Retreat Fun

  1. Michelle says:

    Quilting is such a great skill to have. How did you learn how to do this? Did you check out the Happiness is Quilting store while you were in Downtown McKinney?

    • JenniferJayne13 says:

      My Nana taught me the basics of sewing when I was really young, but I didn't start quilting until I was in my late twenties! I just felt like making something for myself and popped into a fabric store. They told me the easiest thing was a "rag quilt" so I made one… and then another and by then I was fully addicted to quilting 🙂 I was so busy when we were in McKinney I didn't even see a quilting store! I will have to remedy that next time I'm in town!

  2. Mandi Roach says:

    I sure I have soon have more time for my quilting. I miss piecing patterns and colors – so fun! I barely have enough time to sew quick burp cloths with children running circles around me.

  3. alicia says:

    Love your stuff! Still waiting on my vintage sheet quilt hint hint 😉

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