This puppy girl of mine. She’s a doll and an angel and a pain-in-the-a$$ all rolled up into one crazy-pants 10 pound package! But I love her. Possibly more than I’ve ever loved any other dog. She’s intelligent and loyal, super snuggly and she is mine. All mine! Even though she’s only been in out lives since May, she’s definitely taken over and the thought of anything happening to her terrifies me!

Bitly, my not so angelic angel puppy -

We’ve had our share of bumps, little scares and “moments”. Though she be but little… this fur-baby of mine can Clear a Room with one little toot! Its happened on more than one occasion and on more than on occasion my husband might have gotten blamed. *Giggles*

Bitty Little Bitly - #BittyBitly -

We had one scare with Bitly that sent us scampering off to the vets in a hurry! It wasn’t all the long after we brought her home that I noticed she was limping. After giving her the once over I noticed that the elbow joint (I have no idea what the doggie term would be) on her back leg was quite swollen. Off the vets we went… me in a panic, Bitly pretty much calm as a cucumber. With a little poking and prodding it was decided that she had a spider bite. The vets lanced it, gave us some antibiotics and we were on our way back home.

Pretty Bitly Girl -

This sweet girl is such a part of our family and we would do anything to keep her healthy and happy. Regular vet visits, nutritional foods like Royal Canin and healthy snacks go a long way to keeping Bitly (and me too) happy. Science is another great way to look at every issue your dog may have. For more pet health nutrition information, visit My Pet Preference.


Has anything scary every happened to your fur-baby? What did you do?


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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18 Responses to Oh Bitly! #ScienceHappens

  1. debcb says:

    We adopted our dog Barclay from a local shelter. He was super skinny. The first month we had him, he had a seizure. Needless to say, the vet became one of my close friends.

  2. GraceGrits says:

    OMG sleeping dog pictures are the sweetest! Yes. When my fur babies get sick, I am sick too. Scares me to death. Thankfully it hasn't happened often. Glad yours is ok.

  3. Meredith says:

    What a sweet pup! So glad to hear she is alright!

  4. Pary Moppins says:

    We are very much a dog household and when one of our puppies (and let's face it, they are all our "puppies" no matter how old they are) feels poorly, we get on it like a duck on a June Bug. 😉 Such cute photos.

  5. CrazyRunningGrl says:

    Aww cute pup! When we first adopted our cat, he got super sick… to the point where he couldn't breath (he didn't realize that he should breath out of his mouth). It was SO scary… luckily we got him to the vet and they got him some meds. 🙂

  6. Patti says:

    Our pups are our loves. Glad your baby was okay.

  7. Kiki says:

    We've definitely had scary moments! I used to work at a vet, so every now and again I have some tidbit of knowledge that comes back to me. But usually I just remember how expensive vet care is! But when you love those puppies…you do what has to be done!

  8. Emily says:

    She's so cute! I'm thankful that we haven't had any urgent Vet visits with any of our pets.

  9. Kendra says:

    I remember spending one Friday night down at the 24 hour vet hospital. My normally very hyper chihuahua was lethargic and not himself – turned out to be super dehydrated. Definitely scary!

  10. Kat Curling says:

    Are you sure that you're not talking about MY dog in the first paragraph of this post? lol jk. She's adorable! I've always been a cat lady until I got my dog. I can't imagine her getting sick or something happening to her. I'm glad that she turned out ok!

  11. Oh my goodness! The picture where she's wrapped up in the blanket! So cute. Our scariest was when the lab got stuck in the crawl space under the house. He was okay, but my husband was furious! 🙂

  12. daydreamingbeauty says:

    What a sweetie! I love the sleeping pic, so cute!

  13. Kristine says:

    She's adorable! Thanks for the info! Sharing for the pet owners in our lives!

  14. sayhellonature says:

    What a cutie! I know that vet scramble all too well! Doesn't seem to phase the pets, but it sends me into a crazy panic!

  15. Beth W says:

    Ah, I love that puppy teenaged phase. They're such rascals! I used to raise Guide Dogs fir the Blind, and 2 of my dogs (both labs, no surprise) had so many vet emergencies it was ridiculous. Almost entirely from eating things they shouldn't have (like a fireplace). It was scary, for sure (and expensive!), but each time they acted like it was no biggie.

  16. Yes…one time I was driving my 2 labs to the vet…my older one and my puppy. They were riding in the back of the truck and I was driving super slow. And then the older lab decided the squirrel she saw on the side of the road needed chasing, so she jumped out of the back of the truck and took a tumble. I was FREAKED out. Thankfully I was already on my way to vet and was just a few blocks away. It's a neighborhood vet and I was on a regular residential street when it happened. She was checked out and given the A-OK and I was super relieved. Ohhh I never traveled with the 2 of them together after that. LOL

  17. Lora Cotton says:

    As you know, I too, have an RT fur-baby like your Bitly. Just about a year ago, we walked into our friends home – with our Arianna in tow – something we’d done dozens of times before with absolutely no issues. (The friends had dogs too.) We’d no sooner stepped thru the door than our friend’s remaining dog (they’re little dog had died about 6 weeks before, leaving a pittie mix as an “only child.”) came barreling at us. This fact wasn’t that unusual, as Daisy is often very happy to see new folks come to visit; unfortunately, this time it was because she had decided she was NOT having another dog in the house again!!! She latched onto our baby across our baby’s shoulders and immediately started to shake. My husband grabbed a hold of our baby lifting her (and the now determinedly attached Daisy) into the air trying to dislodge the other dog. This only ticked Daisy off – but it also kept her from shaking our 15 lbs baby. The husband of this couple – who is Daisy’s daddy – was ready to choke his dog to death to get her to release. Luckily, that wasn’t needed, and with him “choking” her, she let go of our little girl. There was very little “damage” visible to our little girl – thanks to the type of harness we had on her. So once calming everyone down (including the other couple’s 2 yr old son) and doing some evaluation, we THOUGHT we were gonna be ok. Three days later, we wake up to our baby not wanting to eat, drink or even get up! So we bundled her up and raced to the nearest vet. Due to some health issues that my husband had experienced shortly before this, we were REALLY strapped for cash and we don’t have credit cards, so we were REALLY worried about being able to get a vet to care for our baby without one of the other. True to our fear, this vet wouldn’t hear of even giving her a look without cash up front!!! Lucky (and a HUGE BLESSING) for us, just before we left our home, my husband had the presence of mind to stop; lay hands on our baby; and PRAY over her!!! When we walked into that vet’s office, our little girl’s gums were ASHEN, almost white; she was listless, and acting more dead than alive. As we left that vet’s office – in tears, thinking we would loose her – we stopped a moment again, saying a prayer over her. By the time we got home (less than a 10 min drive) we were witnessing a MIRACLE!!! As I was looking up a phone number for the only vet that the other one had suggested MIGHT be willing to take payments, our little girl, jumped down from the couch, toddled over to her water bowl and took a big drink!!! Of course, we were delighted! Withing a very short time (less than 30 mins.) she was acting more like herself, and when I checked her gums they were transitioning back toward pink. We then gathered her up, and between the two of us, we shaved her shoulder, cleansed the wound area with peroxide, and literally applied neosporin down into the two wounds (one was about 2 inches long – it wasn’t deep, as the tooth had run along the skin, rather than sinking into the muscle.) From that point on, she began acting more and more like herself, and within 3 days, you would have never known she had looked like she would pass just 3 days before!!!! DEFINITELY NOT something I would EVER want to go thru again, but am so blessed, that we had the presence of mind to not only turn to the ONE TRUE PHYSICIAN, but also to be blessed with common sense that allowed us to do for her, what the money hunger vet wasn’t willing to do!!!

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