This girl! Oh she’s a handful… but she was just what I needed to brighten my days and get me back outside! Don’t get me wrong, the Monster Kittens are still “my baby boys” and always will be… but they’re cats and have little to no use for me most of the time. Bitly, on the other hand, can’t stand to be away from me for more than 30 seconds. Annoying? Yes. Endearing? TOTALLY!

Bitly Loves to Help with Photo shoots -

Bitly Loves to help with product photo shoots and lend her expertise whenever possible.

Bitly Loves to Snuggle with Tang too! -

Tang and Bitly have the coolest relationship… they love to play together and snuggle for naps too.

Just Too Cute! -

My pretty girl! 🙂

My Snuggle Buddy

Snuggling with  my baby girl… just what I need on the rough, exhausting days.

She snuggles in the weirdest places

There are times where she whines and cries and digs at me and moves and shifts and paws… until she finds the weirdest possible position to snuggle up in. Like behind my head and draped over my shoulder.

She tries to be helpful too -

She likes to be “Helpful” although that usually ends up being more like “less than helpful”… or turns into nap time for one of us.

They Really Do Love Each Other!  -

I love how much these two love each other and how well they get along. I mean seriously… HOW FREAKING CUTE!

She's my bestie for sure! -

Even though I had no plans for a puppy, and really wasn’t on board for the first 30 minutes, this girl quickly stole my heart and became my best friend 🙂

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5 Responses to Puppy Love

  1. Kristen says:

    absolutely previous!! I love puppies!!

  2. Lora Cotton says:

    Girl, you are in for the relationship of a lifetime with Bitly. It appears that she's at least in part a rat terrier. I've had RT's for the past 20 yrs, and while I still love all animals (dogs in particular) I've sworn off all other breeds!!! I've had them that topped out at 8 lbs, and I've had one that topped 25 lbs, so she may end up getting quite a bit larger. Her wanting to sleep behind your head and draped over your shoulder made me cry. My previous baby, Sweet Pea, was a toy RT, and she ALWAYS wanted to ride in the car, behind my head with her little head draped over my shoulder. (Personally I think it was just the best way that she could see where we were going!! LOL!) Sadly, Sweet Pea stayed with my ex when we divorced (NOT by choice!) so all I have are memories and a few pics of her. Luckily I've since gotten a new love, Arianna. She's 16 mos old, and weighs in at approx 12 lbs. These little dogs are so EXTREMELY loving, and bring such joy!!! I pray that you have a long and happy life with your Bitly!!!!

    • JenniferJayne13 says:

      OH Lora! Shes definitely my baby 🙂 The vet says she'll be MAYBE 15 pounds LOL. So she'll always be bitty 🙂 Thus the name 😀

      • Lora Cotton says:

        Oh, Jennifer, while she'll still be smaller, at that weight she's probably top out at roughly 10" long (base of neck to base of tail), and between 9-12" tall (at the forelegs; floor to shoulder) So while she's be roughly between the size of a Scottish Terrier and a beagle. (Not nearly as wide as a Scottie, but rather their height and length., but more the build of the beagle.) My Ari is 10" long, 11" tall, with a 15" chest and a 9" neck!!! It's a real bear to try to "dress" her!!! LOL!!! I usually end up making any costume that I put her in, cause the ready made stuff never fits!!! It's the "barrel chest" of the RT that will get you every time!!! I will warn you though, they are SCARY SMART! So don't ever think you'll "out smart" her, cause with RT's it's "If there's a will, there's a way!" Of course, you'll probably be so astounded by what she will figure out, that you'll only be able to laugh!!! Oh, and they are natural burrowers!!! So if you haven't already, I suggest you get her a "pet cave", something that she can burrow into and snuggle up in. All my RT's have been that way. They are in heaven if they have a soft spot to lay down on, and a blanket to snuggle in. Enjoy her!!!

  3. kim says:

    I have a puppy that is the spitting image of yours and I love him just as much!

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