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Sponsorship Details:
All ad space spots are promoted through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and StumbleUpon.

I post 3 days per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Post topics include: Lifestyle, Health, Books, DIY Projects, Crafting/Tutorials, Quilting, Product Reviews, Tech, Humor, Small Biz, Blogging, Photography and Food/Recipes.

Busy Being Jennifer works with a wide variety of brands in different capacities including, but not limited to:

Advertisements ~ Brand Ambassador/Brand Spokesperson ~ Conference Sponsorships ~ Product Reviews/Giveaways ~ Sponsored Posts ~ Sponsored Shares (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest)

If you are a brand, please contact me about how we can work together. Email me at [email protected] and put “Partnership Opportunity” in the subject line.

Blog Stats as of January, 2018

Pageviews: 43,100+ (monthy)
Facebook Followers: 3325+
Instagram: 6,950+
Pinterest: 34,250+
Twitter: 19.8k+
Bloglovin/Email Subscribers: 4340+

Brands I have worked with…

Brands that has worked with

Previous Sponsors Say…

“Sponsoring Busy Being Jennifer allowed me to reach a new audience. She was dedicated to promoting my posts across social media.”
~ Talya from Grace & Grits

“Jennifer is a natural connector and sharer. Sponsoring her blog just added to her willingness to help share with her community! It was fun having her share in my successes during the sponsorship time.”
~ Elysa from GenPink

“I am so thrilled with what Jennifer is doing with promoting my Mary & Martha website. She is very co-operative and I find her input very valuable.”
~ Jane, Mary & Martha Consultant

“Jennifer is very supportive and easy to work with. She gets to know your blog and finds ways to connect her readers to your blog topics.”
~ Michelle from Mind of Meesh

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