Many of us have bought a car and didn’t take the time to understand the dealership’s service policies. If you’re unfamiliar with what a service policy, it’s simple. A service policy is what you’re agreeing to when you purchase a car from a dealer. Here is why you need to get to know your local car dealership’s service policy.

Why You Need to Get to Know Your Local Car Dealership’s Service Policies

It’s a smart idea

Before you buy anything, it’s always a smart idea to know the service policies. The terms of service is what you agree to when you decide to purchase from a particular location. It’s the same as taking out a loan to buy a furnace or anything for your home, you need to know WHAT you’re signing up for.

Not all dealerships are created equal

For the most part, I like to think everyone has my best interest in mind. However, this isn’t the case. Some car dealerships will take advantage of the fact that you didn’t read the terms of service. Always purchase a vehicle from a car dealership that has a good reputation.

Just in case things don’t work out

Let’s say you buy a car and then the engine dies a week later. What happens? Naturally, you will be upset that the car broke down, but you will be even more upset that you are out all that money. Each time you buy a car, policies and services are outlined. An example of a policy may be that you’re buying the car as is from the dealership. Most of the time that means the dealership won’t do anything for you because you signed a paper agreeing that you read their service policies and they aren’t liable.

Service policies are legal policies

No one would waste their time creating service policies if it wasn’t something to protect them in the long run. Getting to know your local car dealership’s service policies will tell you what your rights are as a consumer. Something that you should know is that a TOS agreement is legally binding. Before you sign anything, make sure you read it over.

Honesty is important

In my opinion, reading a TOS can really allow you to get a feel for the dealership. Is everything about the dealership or do they care about their customers too? In what ways are you protected? Do they have any warranties or guarantees that protect you as a buyer? Getting to know your local car dealership’s service policies is a GREAT idea as a buyer!

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