I did something crazy a week or so ago, I spent a BUNCH of money on a fancy toy. But let me tell you folks, this so-called “toy” is LIFE CHANGING!

I decided that for my birthday I wanted the brand new Cricut Maker, so that’s what I got myself! And let me tell you friends, it was worth EVERY penny! If you’ve been watching my Instagram stories, you will have seen my new favorite thing in action!

This post is not sponsored. But it does include affiliate links. Shopping through them, at no cost to you, helps keep this blog running, and coffee in my mug  🙂

Well, I’ve completed my first official project, and I wanted to show it off a little bit 😉

The first words my husband ever said to me were “Hello Darling” is his deep southern drawl. I’m pretty sure I fell 70% in love with him in that moment. When I saw this design was an option in the Cricut Design access center, I just HAD to make it!

I added the “est. 2012” part for our wedding year using the text option and sized it to fit.

If you saw my stories than you saw that I struggled with getting the stencil on the wooden sign. It didn’t exactly want to cooperate. For my first try, I figure I did pretty good.

I’m so excited to have this new sign to add to my buffet/mantle area! I added the hexagon’s to that glass vase too! Pretty sure I’m going to add vinyl, or a painted stencil, or some sort of fancy fabric pattern to EVERYTHING!

If you’re a maker and don’t have a tool like the Cricut Maker at your disposal, I HIGHLY recommend getting one! It’s an investment, but totally one that will pay off!

These are the things I purchased as a total newbie that helped me get the ball rolling…

Cricut Maker
Second Fabric Mat (the Maker comes with one, but I wanted a spare)
Cricut Rotary Blade Kit
Cricut Washable Fabric Pen
Vinyl Transfer Tape
Cricut Tools Craft Basic Set
Stencil Vinyl
Vinyl in Metallics, Midnight, Holographic, Linen, and Red – you know to get me started 🙂

I am hoping to learn more about the designing process so I have whole designs I can link and share here too! So be sure to check back soon! I’ll have more fun projects over the next few weeks!


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