Has any one noticed that Cactus have become the new “mustache”? I was not totally on board with the mustache trend… but I am 100% Cactus Obsessed! Cactus cuteness is popping everywhere these days, and I don’t mind one little bit!

Must Haves for the Cactus Obsessed!

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Totally. Utterly. Completely. Cactus Obsessed! I can not get enough of the cuteness that is cacti everything! In fact I’ve got at least a couple cactus projects/DIY’s/crafts up my sleeves and in the works to share with you all over the summer!

  1. Small Cactus Accessory Pouch: A little cactus cuteness art for the wall!
  2. Cactus Cookie Cutter: Mmmmm cookies! These would be perfect for summer parties!
  3. Cactus Mug: Coffee + Cactus = a HAPPY JENNIFER
  4. Cactus Wine Glass: Wine + Cactus = the HAPPIEST JENNIFER
  5. Cactus iPhone Case: iPhones need some cactus love too!
  6. LED Cactus Light: Perfect for adding to a summer party centerpiece or dessert table
  7. Cactus Pool Float: POOL PARTY! Need I say more?
  8. Cactus Car Charger: Charge 3 things at the same time with this cactus cuteness! Perfect for road trips!
  9. Cactus Trinket Dish: IN LOVE with this pretty cactus little dish!
  10. Small Cactus Accessory Pouch: I’m ALL heart eyes for this little pouch! 

I’ve been hunting for the perfect cactus fabric (loving this, this and this)so that I can make ALL THE CACTUS things! I want pillow covers, zippy pouches and maybe even a quilt or too (if I can find the time to make them) 😀 In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m more than a little cactus obsessed 😀

Are you on board with this new cactus trend? Are you a little cactus obsessed like I am?


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One Response to Must Haves for the Cactus Obsessed!

  1. Lanae Bond says:

    I love the cactus wall art! I guess you feel the same way about cactus as I do a pineapple.

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