I loved creating special gifts for Mother’s Day when I was a kid! It was always something different each year, but it was the process that I loved! This year I’ve partnered with IDO3D to create a fun and easy Easy Mother’s Day Craft!

Easy Mother's Day Craft with IDO3 Pro 3D Drawing Pen

These little test tube vase with 3D drawn stand are a sweet and easy Mother’s day craft that the kids will love to create!! Here’s what you need to make your own!

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Follow the directions that come in the IDO3 Pro 3D Drawing Pen to set up your pen. If the curing light doesn’t seem to be working, try replacing the battery. I had to with mine. Fortunately I had some on hand.

I recommend practicing drawing and getting an even flow with the 3D pen a bit. It can take a little to get used to how the flow works and develop a steady hand.

Hold the test tube in one hand and about 1 inch from the bottom, draw a circle around the test tube. Then add 4 lines down the sides and another ring around the very bottom.

Carefully stand the test tube on the plastic sheet that comes in the kit or a plastic baggie and draw more circles around the bottom until the test tube is stable. Once it can stand on its own, pick it up and flip it over to cure the bottom a little further.

Let it stand as is for 20 to 30 minutes and then you can remove from the plastic.


I made a quick little video timelapse that shows you how to make this fun little test tube vase.

Once you’re done, add your flowers (real or plastic) and then you’ve got the perfect easy Mother’s day craft to gift to give to the Moms in your life!

Have you tried crafting with a 3D drawing pen yet? This was my first try with it and I had a ton of fun! I can only imagine that with a little more practice I could create some really cool stuff!

The IDO3D™ Pro 3D Drawing Pen is available at Micheal’s stores across the country! Get one for the kids to try, they’ll love it!

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