Want to See the Mountains? Check out these 5 Mountain Ranges in California

Mountains are awesome aren’t they? They are pure bliss and beauty. If you are looking for mountain ranges to hike and enjoy, head to California. While Cali isn’t necessarily known for their mountain ranges, they have several beautiful mountains that are a must see! Go on an adventure and see any of these 5 mountain ranges in California.

Want to See the Mountains? Check out these 5 Mountain Ranges in California

California Coast Ranges

A set of gorgeous mountains that are a must see are the California Coast Ranges. Imagine mountains on the edge of the ocean and this is what you will get. These specific mountains span 400 miles and they will take your breath away, in a good way.

Diablo Range

Don’t let the name of this mountain range scare you. This is a subdivision in the California Coast Ranges, but still just as beautiful. You will find these mountains on the eastern San Francisco Bay. These mountains are equally amazing and worth seeing, when heading out to California.

Cascade Range

Now when you think of beautiful mountain ranges in California, you need to check out the Cascade Range. These mountains are a major mountain range in California too. They extend through British Columbia through several other states and into Northern California.

Tehachapi Mountains

You will find another beautiful mountain range in Los Angeles County known as the Tehachapi Mountains. These mountains are around 40 miles long and picture perfect. Tons of wildlife and plants live in these mountains. When you’re headed to California to see mountain ranges, put these on your list.

White Mountains

Seeing the beautiful White Mountains may be a dream of yours. If you get a chance to see these beautiful mountains, go for it! These mountains are housed in California and Nevada. These are a triangular fault block mountain range that go on for at least 60 miles. Seeing the white mountain peaks are a highlight of the mountain ranges.

Before you head into the mountains in California, get your vehicle checked out. Mountains in California are beautiful, but they are also bold. Your vehicle will need to be in tip top shape to get up and down the windy roads leading to higher elevation.

Do you have any specific mountains you want to see in California?

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