Tips for Visiting the Beach in Delaware

Visiting the beach is on most people’s bucket list. If you’re heading to the beach in Delaware soon, make sure you check out these tips! Traveling to the beach doesn’t require much, but there are some things to keep in mind when visiting a beach in another state.

Visit the beach during the week

Beaches in Delaware seem to be super busy during the weekends. You can avoid a heavy beach day by going during the week. Not only can the beaches be heavily populated on the weekends, but the traffic can also get bad. Just a small tip to help you plan your beach trip in Delaware.

Invest in a good map

There are a lot of good beaches to find in Delaware. Invest in buying a map, instead of just relying on a GPS. You may miss out on some of the good beaches by not having a modern paper map in hand. Plus, electronic maps are not always the most reliable.

Bring money for parking

Some beaches do require payment for parking. You do not want to be left without a parking spot because you don’t have cash. This is just a small tip to keep in mind as you explore the beaches in Delaware. Never carry a large amount of cash with you, for safety reasons.

Bring proper sun protection

Being out on the beach is no joke, make sure you are prepared. Bringing a beach umbrella will save you a lot of headache, especially if you have kids. You can bring sun protection items like a hat, sunscreen, and light clothing.

Don’t forget your camera

The unique part of Delaware beaches is that they are beautiful in their own way. You won’t want to miss out on this beauty, so pack a camera to take pictures. If you don’t have a camera, your iPhone will do, just don’t forget the picture taking part.

Get a tune up for your vehicle

Now that you know some invaluable tips for heading to the beaches in Delaware, don’t forget to tune up your vehicle. You will want to have your vehicle in tip top shape before you leave to head to any beach.

Which beaches should you visit?

There are plenty of beaches in the Delaware area. You may be wondering what some of the top beaches are? You may want to consider adding some of these Delaware beaches to your list.

  • Bethany Beach
  • Dewey Beach
  • South Bethany
  • Cape Henlopen State Park
  • Cape May- Lewes Ferry
  • Fenwick Island

Do you have any tips for visiting the beach in Delaware?

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